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What to Do After a Workplace Slip and Fall Injury in White Plains

The city of White Plains is often referred to as the birthplace of the state of New York. It is densely populated and one of the state's busiest locations, with the daytime weekday population reaching up to 250,000. The busier a city is, the higher the chances of accidents. You would like to look at the figures.


A study by the National Floor Safety Institute suggests that around 1 million patients every year visit the hospital due to slip and fall in the US. Although accidents can happen anywhere, White Plains are relatively congested; such accident rates are more common. Indicated by the White Plains slip and fall lawyer, the reasons are varied:


  • spilled liquids making the floors slippery

  • weather extremities, such as rain, snow, or glassy ice

  • unexpected obstructions in walkways, like boxes or containers

  • loose rugs or mats causing one to trip

  • absence of adequate lighting

  • no warning signs

  • lack of walkway maintenance, like irregular surfaces, bumpy carpets, left out cords, etc.


Workplace Safety—Face the Reality


When you are living in White Plains, and you are a professional, you must be very careful and learn about its workplace safety policies. Especially if your job demands you to work outdoors, the prospects are not devoid of risks.


Winter in White Plains is cold and wet and occasionally snowy. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, if the employers adhere to the industry safety standards, tens of thousands of lives can be saved. Most of the falls occur when:


  • there is not enough fall protection

  • scaffolding safety measures are missing

  • the proper ladder guidelines are not followed

  • not enough training or protective equipment is provided


Every fall is painful, but while in White Plains, you must know that there is hope.


What Should You Do After a Workplace Slip and Fall in White Plains?


If you are injured by another person's property connected to your job, you could always claim your rights. Injuries make one suffer physically, financially, and emotionally, and can even cause lifetime impairments.


For New Yorkers 45 and above, especially for White Plains residents, falls appear to be a leading cause of injury fatalities. So whether you are working in a White Plains departmental store or serve as a housekeeper, the White Plains slip and fall lawyers are always by your side. 


This is the way it works:


  • You can give the lawyers a call or contact them online.

  • You can set up an appointment and discuss the case.

  • Depending on the scenario, your lawyer will decide whether they have to prove an 'actual notice' or 'constructive notice'.

  • Nothing will be charged until you win the case and receive your compensation.

  • The legal team can pursue the damages on your behalf for the medical bills, lost income, etc.


It is important to note that workplace slip and fall episodes are the property owners' or employer's liability, with only a few exceptions. Have faith in the White Plains slip and fall lawyers and stand up for what is rightfully yours.

Slip-and-fall cases – additionally known by their more broad term, premises risk claims – now and then get an awful name. Numerous individuals wrongly accept that lone individuals with minor wounds record claims against private land owners or the region for walkway mishaps and different occurrences. 


Reality, notwithstanding, is that countless individuals record slip-and-fall claims since they endure genuine wounds because of another person's inability to keep up premises in a protected condition. They shouldn't need to bear the expense of costly clinical consideration, missed work and other monetary weights all alone. An accomplished legal advisor can assist them with getting pay for their wounds. At StolzenbergCortelli, LLP, our accomplished lawyers battle for what our customers in New York City, Westchester County and different pieces of New York merit. 

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