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What to Do When Your Toilet is Backed Up?

Every household has faced a blocked and backed-up toilet just once or several times. This situation is rather unpleasant and upsetting because you may experience bad smells, puddles of dirty water, and a complete mess all around. Such cases are important to prevent though, if something like that has already happened, you should be sure that you can cope with the problem and that you know what to do. if not or if you feel uncomfortable while dealing with the toilet clog, you had better call a professional plumber here.

However, let’s consider some tips on how to solve the issue without hiring any professionals. There are certain tools that you need to keep handy and some instructions on how to use them in case of emergency.


1. A plunger should be an essential thing in your household. It has to be of high quality, with the reliable rim on its head to seal the surface around the drain entrance. The matter is that you will have to create the strong suction and the sturdy and flexible tool is a great help. Choose thoroughly when you purchase this item in the local hardware or household store and ask a seller for advice if you feel a bit puzzled.

2. Locate the plunger’s rim around the hole of the toilet pipe. You can also apply some petroleum jelly to it to help create a tighter connection of the head with the surface of the bowl or the drain hole if the bowl is dismounted. Push the plunger strongly down the drain moving it up and down for better air inflow. The water will also flow down the pipe under pressure helping to remove the clog.

Snake (Auger)

Your clogged or backed-up toilet can also be cleared up with a snake, especially, if you need to remove the blockage that lies deeper in the pipe. The long wire of the snake should be pushed deep into the drain. You had better utilize a special closet auger that is meant specifically for unblocking toilet drains. You push it into the pipe deep inside and let it reach the clog. The snake’s head can break the clog to pieces if it is not too hard and then hook the remnants of it and drag them back to the entrance. After that, you need to flush the water to clean away all the remaining pieces of the clog if any. To make sure that the drain is clean, you can use some toilet treatment bought in the household store. It should contain bacterial enzymes and be effective against any sediment that may remain on the walls of the pipe.

Other Useful Techniques for Removing Clogs

Using drain cleaners from the nearest store can be quite effective for removing any sediments and preventing clogs. You need to make sure that they are not harmful for porcelain. read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully. However, avoid using a plunger for the drain immediately after using the drain cleaner. That may damage the pipe. Another technique implies using a wet or dry vacuum cleaner of industrial power.In case you are not sure that you can fix the issue yourself, apply for a professional plumber’s help.

Toilets That Have Backed Up or Overflowed

You can detect the danger of backing up or overflowing by a musty sewer smell. If it appears, the cause is likely to be some damage in the septic tank, burst pipes, or just the need to empty the full septic. Stop flushing the toilet if you observe the smell or backing up. When the dirty water is collected on the food, use the bucket to remove it. You will also have to turn off the water tap or the safety valve located under the toilet bowl. Shutting off the water from the main is also important. The switch of it can be found at the pump. If the backed-up toilet has overflowed, you need the assistance and expertise of a professional immediately.

An expert plumber can become a valuable help and source of the most effective solutions if you face the toilet backing up or overflowing. You should address your problem to them instantly because any delay can increase the size of the disaster.

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