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What to do with Huion India firmware updates?

We frequently receive firmware updates on our phones, tablet, PC and other devices. Firmware updates are a set of recent changes and advancements in software functionality to perform various processes. It makes the user interface more friendly, easy-going, and convenient.


All the software including applications, games, graphic design tools that works on an operating system categorized as firmware. Firmware manages the control and flow of the applications and how it will manage the functionality and execute on an operations stem and device.


After a certain period, Huion India, Huion pen tablet, and other Software companies release real-world application updates to improvise the performance of the software on a device, they rectify the problems, analyze the things, and update the software for a better,  stress-free,  optimized performance.

Huion tablet model receive firmware updates

Many users have complained that the firmware updates cause the problems. So, we are clearing the doubts about firmware updates.


Most of the time the problem occurs because of the availability of unnecessary software and functionality.


Not all the Huion India tablet models needed an update all the time. We have categorized the pen display (Kamvas pro12, Kamvas pro13,  GT-191 V2, GT-192) and graphic pen tablet models (H430P, H950P, H610pro V2, Huion H640P, H1060P, HS64, HS610) from the official Huion website that need to update with firmware updates over a period. 


Huion tablet models that are manufactured in the year 2019, 2020, 2021 don't need to update with firmware updates. If the manufacturer year is not mentioned on your tablet model you should check the initial digit '9' or the letter 'A'.

Method to download firmware updates

As you know which Huion tablet model needs to update when. We are mentioning to you a step-by-step guide to update the latest firmware version of the Huion tablet.


Many firmware tools are available to download high-quality firmware for different operating systems. You can check the software tools, download them.

  • Visit the Huion support website link.

  • Official website.


  • Go to support then look for the firmware update. Begin the download and install process for the firmware tool.

  • Access the huionfirmwareinstaller.exe file to download and launch the tool on the system.


  • When the installation is complete, tap on the finish.


  • Check if the device is connected or not. If it is showing 'no device connected' status then check the USB cable.


  • Once the device connectivity status is enabled the production model will also display.


  • If the update is available for the device a pop-up will appear. When you click on the pop-up you will see an 'update' option. If there are no latest update versions available for software and functionality 'no updates available' will be shown on the screen.


  • By a single click on update and following the further instructions the firmware updates on.


There are many models available that ask to tap the express key for connectivity. Once the device setup, all things like functionality, codes, will be updated in the device to operate. Connect the USB cable again.


 Android Support available on the Huion pen tablet H430P, Huion H640P, H950P, H1060P, H610pro V2.


Hope, your doubt, got clear in this article.

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