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What to Expect From Artificial Intelligence In 2020

The previous decade has seen artificial intelligence scale to a record high. If this is anything to go by, then it seems this excitement is not wearing off anytime soon. Most of the artificial intelligence technologies that made in routes in the previous decade will remerge even better in this new era.

You might create a product that customers love, but without effective marketing and proper strategy, then you are probably shooting yourself on foot. Artificial intelligence is one of the best means of marketing and strategy for businesses. Therefore, you need to employ it in your business to have greater success. 2020 has just begun, but the expectations are on the roof. Here is an insight into what you can expect at the start of what is to be a massive decade for technology and, artificial intelligence to be precise:

Bolstering cybersecurity

We are in the advanced digital age – nobody can deny this fact. While it is advantageous in many ways, it also creates loopholes for a crime. Cyber threats and insecurities are no longer new to us. Even though human efforts have tried to deal with this vice, the results have not been all positive.

For this New Year 2020, a lot is to come from artificial intelligence in terms of cybersecurity intervention. Al will improve cybersecurity for both individuals and businesses, as experts allude. It is set to play a massive role in ensuring that any attacks are brought down and dealt with accordingly. Therefore, this will ensure the safety of data and other credentials.

Artificial intelligence will employ machine learning to ensure that data breaches and any other malicious threats or activities go down. This, of course, will work thanks to updated and advanced security software.

Advancement of machine learning

Machine learning received a warm reception in the past year, 2019. This is set to increase even further in this new decade and, indeed, 2020. The technology is set to improve its availability and usability, even for medium-sized businesses. This is good news for all business people, as this will fortify business management and control.

Enhanced usage of facial recognition systems

Many sectors and industries are already deploying facial recognition systems in their security operations. Some of the major industries using this technology include the banking sector, retail, and insurance, among many others.

Facial recognition works best to help curb fraud and identify customers and employees. This impressive technology is set to make in routes in new sectors during this year. Some of the expected areas that it will cover include ID checking and other security measures, transport sector, logistics, airlines, the food sector, healthcare, and others. Hotels and the automobile industries are equally expected to adopt facial recognition systems and use them to improve services to the clientele.

Monitoring businesses and refining processes

If you can remember well, the first robots introduced in the business world had only one task – to automate manual operations. This was evident in the production and manufacturing sectors, which initially had most of their activities done manually. Today, most of these processes are automatic and need minimal human intervention.

In this new era, we expect software robots to take on the work that humans do on their computers, especially the repetitive type. Such include filling in forms, document production, and report generation. This is achievable through artificial intelligence, which helps machines to learn our actions and do the same for us more smoothly and conveniently. This saves substantive time and money. This type of automation is what experts refer to as  the robotic process automation.

You know what they say about time and money, don't you? Most of the administrative work is imperative for a business or company, but it is time-consuming. Artificial intelligence helps you kill two birds with one stone – save time and money.

By leaving such processes for robots or machines, you get the time to handle more creative and complex duties instead.

Improved personalization

Have you ever wondered where the success of internet giants such as Google, Amazon, and Alibaba lies? One would argue that it is in their leadership, for example. For us, we believe that the primary reason for their success lies in a straightforward factor – the ability to deliver personalized recommendations and experiences to customers.

Successful eCommerce giants and even search engines know how to personalize user data. This means that they improve your search and make it look as if they already knew what you wanted. As you interact with their site online, they learn about your likes and dislikes, among several other factors.

Their predictions are typically so accurate that they almost fit the exact wants and needs of clients. This is set to improve even more this year, 2020. Every other sector and industry, besides eCommerce, will strive to ensure that they customize their site to fit distinct and individual needs from customers. For instance, a pizza delivery company will attempt to learn the exact time you make orders for pizza every day or week. This way, you will simply see the order button right before your eyes when the exact time approaches.

More devices are set to run on artificial intelligence

We have witnessed a range of devices operating on artificial intelligence over recent years. In 2020, the numbers are set to go higher due to the increased affordability and availability of the hardware and experience needed to deploy artificial intelligence. Most of the gadgets and tools that will suffice in 2020 will have artificial intelligence technology installed.

As the cost of software and hardware continues to fall by the day, AI becomes more and more widespread and cost-effective for manufacturers and consumers. This will see most of these tools being installed in vehicles, workplace devices, and home appliances. Encompassed with technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, AI will improve the way we live daily.

Most of the devices that people will buy this year and beyond will learn by themselves and monitor human behavior as a way of adapting to daily routines.

Improved telemedicine

In case you are new to this term, it refers to the practice of looking after patients remotely through technology. The system uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to diagnose different diseases, which patients face.

This advanced technology is vital in giving prescriptions and diagnosing illnesses when it is impossible to have a one-on-one interaction between the patient and doctor. One example of such a technique is Google DeepMind AI technology, which helps to identify breast cancer even faster and easier than conventional radiology. This is a wake-up call to all doctors to adopt this new technology in their daily routines and practices.

Another impressive advancement expected in this specific field is the medical chatbots provision. These will help patients discuss their conditions in real-time with seasoned professionals remotely. This makes diagnosis much easier and faster. This technology will also employ patients' records to provide the right care advice to affected individuals.

Most patients who have tried out this practical approach applaud it for being convenient, quick, effective, and timesaving.

The use of delivery drones

Most companies are beginning to appreciate the relevance and importance of using IoT drones  in delivery. Also referred to as Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, delivery drones are expected to make deliveries more convenient and faster for clients. They will most likely intercept the logistics market and replace conventional transport mechanisms.

Amazon, back in 2019, declared that drones would help improve their efficiency in the delivery of items. This was in the run-up to the rolling out of Amazon air this year, 2020. Other eCommerce companies and generally other retailers might follow suit and launch their deliveries using drones in 2020.

Robotic assistants

Have you ever thought of having a robot as a personal assistant? 2020 might be your lucky year to have a robot take your commands and carry them out effectively. However, most people feel shocked and horrified at the thought of working with robots as assistants. This is probably due to the negative publicity that robots have received over the past few years, thanks to movies and series. While machines are bound to fail in some cases, experts claim that the scenes portrayed in films are somewhat of an exaggeration than they are real.

To prove that you may be worried out of nothing, Japan has spearheaded the use of robotics and is planning to employ its services in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They say that some will pick sporting equipment and distribute them around to participants of the Olympics. In contrast, others will make it easier for people to attend the event remotely or virtually.

Other industries and sectors are equally beginning to appreciate the use of robots in improving services and making work a lot easier for everyone.

The involvement of artificial intelligence in entertainment and media

The fourth estate is integral to the sustainability of any society. Artificial intelligence is set to penetrate through the creative industries in 2020. This is especially true for movie and video production. It is also set to improve the gaming sector.

Pundits in the AI niche claim that the technology will help game developers and filmmakers in terms of production, acting, and content creation, among many other ways.

Through the means above, Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize this new decade, and we can only sit back and wait to see this massive change.

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