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What To Know Before Buying Your Dream Luxury Car

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A luxury car is typically a symbol of great wealth and success. It is no wonder that many people see a Jaguar or Lexus as their dream car. After saving up all your money to purchase one of these luxury vehicles, you need to make sure the purchasing process goes smoothly. Here are some things to know before buying an expensive vehicle.

The Costs

The expense of owning a luxury car does not stop once you get the pink slip. Eventually, your vehicle may require some essential repairs. These can be quite costly, as well, since most high-end cars utilize quality parts.

You should also look for manufacturers whose warranty agreements cover part replacements. Some manufactures even offer free maintenance packages for buyers.

Insurance can help cover the costs of any major vehicle repairs. Even if your luxury vehicle was expensive, you can find cheap car insurance online.

To avoid any long-term problems with your luxury vehicle, you should perform regular maintenance, including alignments and oil changes. This will be an added expense, as well, though it should be relatively cheap in your first several years of ownership.

Keep in mind that many luxury vehicles also require premium gasoline. However, if your current vehicle has a poor fuel economy, you may not notice a major difference in your monthly gas budget. The premium fuel also comes with many benefits, namely increased efficiency and a smoother ride.  Still, before you purchase your luxury car, you should make sure you can afford all of these extra expenses.

 The Right Time

Once you determine that you have enough money for a high-end car, you should figure out the best time to buy it. Weekdays are less busy for dealerships, so you may be able to get a good deal on your vehicle.

Dealership salespeople also usually have certain monthly quotas that they need to meet. They may thus be more willing to negotiate a car price at the end of the month when they are more desperate to make sales.

Finally, research when the manufacturer is putting out new models of its vehicles. If a new model is being released soon, you may be offered a cheaper price on an outgoing model.

The Best Vehicle for You

When the time is right, head to the dealership to look at the available vehicles. Go there with an open mind. Do not immediately limit yourself to one model or brand. Weigh the pros and cons of multiple different vehicles before deciding which one fits you best. Do not be afraid to take multiple cars out for test drives.

You should not sign a contract or give the dealership any money during your first trip there. Once you decide on your preferred vehicle, shop around to see if you can get a better deal somewhere else. You may additionally want to check out the showroom. If you get a good welcome there, then the dealership likely cares about its customers.

After leaving the dealerships, you should do further research on your vehicle of choice. Check out reviews from both critics and customers. You can find the latter on Reddit or online forums.

You should also use the internet to find the residual value rating of your vehicle. This is a calculation that considers the reliability and durability of a car. Kelley Blue Book typically includes this information.

Once you return to the dealership, check out your potential new car in great detail. Look under the hood and run your fingers on the seats. Finally, make sure to read the warranty carefully.


There are several things to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on an expensive vehicle. Remember that gas and repairs can be more costly for luxury cars compared to regular vehicles. Understand when the best times are to purchase a vehicle from your local dealership. Finally, decide the car you want and make sure it is in a good condition. If you follow these tips, you should enjoy your high-quality dream car for years to come.

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