What to Look for in a House as a First Time Home Buyer?


Have you never bought a house before and are excited about this new milestone in your life? Buying a new house can be full of surprises but you should know what to look for in a house. Here is a list that will help you make the right choice, being a first-timer. 


This is one of the most important aspects that you need to look for in a new house. Think of it this way, you can change almost everything else in the house except for the location. Likewise, if the locality and neighbors are good you won't mind staying with the imperfections of your house. So choose the location very wisely. Moreover, you need to see how far this place is from your office or your kid’s schools. These are also important factors which affect your decision. Also, check if the place is noisy or calm. You cannot live in a place that is constantly buzzing with sounds from anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, you should see how easy it is to go to this place. Do you have to climb a lot of stairs? Is it that your neighbor can see right through your place via the window? Look after these aspects also. 

Check the Neighbourhood 

Apart from the location, you should also check how the neighborhood of the place is. Does it meet your expectations? See whether each house built is consistent enough for you to get the right view. Is it clean enough or can you spot litter everywhere? Check whether the kids can play in the front yard safely. Look for all these facets way before you even think of moving to the place. 

Floor Plan of the Place 

It is crucial to know the ideal space for your requirements. You might be a family of two people looking for a house. But hey is a luxurious 4 bedroom flat a good choice for you. This might sound amazing but it also has its expenses. The bigger the space, the more you will have to spend on maintenance. Moreover, all that space will also need décor items which means you will have to spend more than necessary. Factor in the electricity bills and you already know what you got to do. Unless you can afford it all you should think wisely about the space and floor plan. 

Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

Know how many bathrooms you would be needing and be brutally honest. You can choose it based on the number of family members and also considering the guests. When it comes to rooms, it is a good idea to have one extra room. This can be turned into a study room, home office or even a room for the guests. Anything more than you require will mean added expenses. If you may need new rooms in the future you can consult with architects who can advise you accordingly. Check out the new homes for sale in Auckland to find your dream house. 


The kitchen is the heart of any home which is why you should not compromise with it. Yes, it is possible to always renovate the spaces but again that will be way too costly. The best way out is to choose the house that already has a perfect kitchen. The kitchen should be such that it requires only minimum renovation that suits your budget. Have a look at the glen Innes houses for sale for a house with perfect kitchen spaces. 

Thus, you can choose the perfect house for yourself by looking at these factors. When you are on a house hunt make sure that the ventilation and lighting are adequate. It should not be too dark or closed off. A house should feel warm and welcoming and you can focus on the feel of it while selecting the accommodation. Take into consideration your exact requirement and don’t go for anything that is simply not required. Moreover, be mindful of your budget while you choose the place.