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What to Look For In a Marketing Agency For Your Startup


Digital marketing is essential for building your startup into a successful and thriving business. Consider that more than 90% of all online interactions begin on a search engine and that more than 50% of online purchases are completed on mobile devices. Toss in the importance of personalized emails for bringing in customers, and advertising can feel a little overwhelming for anyone who is trying to juggle all the other responsibilities of getting a new business off the ground. Luckily, you have options. Hundreds of digital marketing agencies are available to help you make the most of your advertising budget. The key is to find the right one to meet your needs.

Have a Clear Set Of Goals

The clearer your own goals are, the easier it will be for a digital marketing firm to come up with them. For example, if you want to start with advanced technology right out of the gate, you'll want an agency that specializes in helping businesses get started in cloud computing. Consider other actionable goals as well. Do you want more people to visit your online store? Are you interested in keeping current customers, finding new ones, or both? Do you cater to more professional clientele, or do your customers prefer casual interactions? All of these factors and more will help you discern which marketing agencies are most in line with your personal business goals.

Find an Agency That Offers Full Transparency

Too often, digital marketing agencies make big promises but don't tell you how they intend to fulfill those promises. Many times, these same agencies fail to deliver what they promised. For this reason, it's important to find marketers who offer full transparency. Before you even contact an agency, look for several important factors on its website. A strong one will provide a business address, a list of current and former clients, and bios for the people it employs. A bare-bones website isn't going to get as many hits as a well-designed one, so if a marketing agency isn't marketing its own content well, it probably won't do much for yours, either. When you sit down for a consultation, be sure to ask the agency exactly how it intends to fulfill any promises it makes.  

Choose an Experienced Agency

If you're paying for marketing, you need an agency that has experience in it. However, this doesn't mean you need to choose the largest or most expensive marketing agency. Smaller agencies are often more affordable. As long as they can provide references for at least a couple of clients who were satisfied with their work and saw improved sales, don't discount them. An experienced agency will be able to show you a client portfolio and provide client testimonials or reference phone numbers. The marketer will also sit down with you to create a strategy session so you can ask questions and interview the agency.

Ask For a Short Contract That You Can Reassess Often

Digital marketing trends change often, which means your contract may need to change often as well. Avoid signing a long-term contract, as doing so could leave you stuck with marketing that is no longer effective, especially if the agency isn't up to date on the newest trends for some reason. The better idea is to sign a short-term contract that lasts about three months. This way, you can review it to see if current tactics are working and whether new marketing strategies are necessary. This also means you don't spend as long paying an agency if its work isn't living up to what was promised. 



Whether you run an online clothing boutique or you're opening a new home improvement business in your area, marketing is essential. No business can survive without advertising, especially as a startup. By finding a digital marketing agency that has the necessary experience, aligns with your personal goals, and offers full transparency to provide what it promised, you'll be more likely to gain and keep the clientele your company needs to succeed. 


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