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What to look for in excellent encryption services for your business?

Being 100% protected from cybercriminals is hard. It is advisable to get the best encryption services to reduce your chances of making losses during a security breach. Microsoft and Apple have included encryption mechanisms in their operating systems to secure hard drives. This inbuilt encryption doesn’t protect the data you transmit. For your business to be protected, you need to source for other methods. Business leaders’ lack of knowledge of IT makes it hard for them to use encryption services. Other business owners lack time and resources to put in place these services. Here are the best encryption services for your business.


1. Encrypted email services

The type of threat you want to secure your business from should inform the kind of encrypted email service you use. The development of pgp has enhanced the sending of secure emails. When choosing a security solution, you need to consider the significance and type of problem you want to protect yourself against. If your concern is protecting your emails from being read by unauthorized personnel in your firm, using Hushmail would suffice. For advanced encryption services, use ProtonMail. Implement end-to-end encryption services to secure your business emails while in transit and the network in which the email system operates. 


ProtonMail is one of the most secure open source services in the world. You can use it on a mobile device or a desktop. It has a self-destruct feature and supports encrypted communications even when the receiver of the email isn’t a ProtonMail user. The cost of this application depends on the storage space and the number of emails you need to send per day. 


2. File encryption services

Once data has been intercepted, you have minimal control over it. You won’t be able to limit the number of people who access it and how they use it. File encryption service will ensure your data is safe when in transit. Sync can be used to offer these services. Sync is a better cloud storage application since it provides end to end encryption for files. It is available for Mac and Windows users. You can also access it using an Android device. The cost of this application depends on the storage space you need to use. You will be able to collaborate with other businesses when using sync.


You could also help your data analysis by merging and consolidating the date. You can consolidate data by using excel. This type of encryption doesn’t secure original data on your computer or device but merging it will help make it be more secure. Do due diligence to protect your device and it’s data using other encryption services if you decide to use sync. 


3. Encrypted mobile messaging services

There are times you would want to send a message fast and in real time. Emails will not benefit you in such times. An instant message is the best solution in such a time. It is secure and costs less, unlike an SMS. Instant messaging application encrypts your messages before being transmitted to the receiver. No third party can read the contents of this message while in transit. Only the recipient can access the information. Other instant messaging applications delete the message once the intended recipient reads it. A private messenger like Signal can protect your messages from interception. 


iPhone and Android users can use Signal to encrypt their messages. The recipient of the message should also have Signaled to enjoy these services. Use signal in an internal business environment to get the best out of it. Have it as a requirement that your employees use this application to communicate information that needs immediate attention. Signal has a feature which gets new encryption keys every time you access the application. This aspect protects your messages from attacks. It also separates the parts of the information being communicated making it hard to intercept.



The world is continuously changing. A few years from now, encryption technologies will have changed for the better. However, hackers will always look for loopholes to try access to encrypted information. To be safe, you must be aware of the advances in encryption technology especially when sending sensitive information. Learn encryption tricks and succeed in the ever-changing marketplace. 


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