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What to Look For In Tile Stores Near Me Orange County

You may need tiles for a myriad of reasons: to replace old and broken ones, to amp up the look of your current bathroom or kitchen, or to get sturdier and more waterproof tiles. It is convenient that it comes in so many different styles, colors, looks and finishes.

From a stone look to a wood look, tiles are versatile, waterproof and durable, and there is one bound to be perfect for you in tile stores in Santa Ana. Here are some things to keep in mind while browsing through tile stores in Orange County CA.

1. Types of Tile

Tiles are used mainly for bathrooms and kitchens. To withstand those atmospheres, porcelain and ceramic achieve those measures. They are waterproof and highly durable, created by inkjet technology. They can be produced to look and feel like real hardwood, natural stone, brick or cement, while offering a wide range of patterns and colors.

2. Choosing Your Material

Porcelain has a high density that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is water resistant and durable under cold temperatures. Ceramic tiles are also highly durable and are used mostly indoors. They are both made from a mixture of clay and other natural minerals but are not used for the same purpose.

3. Finishes

Using an on-site finish or a factory finish is completely up to you. Both matte and polished tiles are good options and ultimately boils down to personal preference. Matte finishes make floors more slip resistant and have a natural finish. Polished tiles have a sheen looks to them that look great on both floors and walls, but are hazardous in the bathroom. To remove that problem you can have it treated for slip resistance.

4. Tiles for Floors and Walls

There are tiles specifically made for floors and walls. Tiles for floors tend to be more suited for high traffic, while wall tiles are made mostly for aesthetic appeal. Make sure you make an informed decision about which tile you intend to buy. Floor tiles range from light residential to heavy duty commercial.

5. Durability and Maintenance

Ceramic and porcelain are both easy to maintain. Porcelain is tough and thus perfect for high traffic areas. Tiles should be cleaned regularly, as it is relatively easy to remove spots and stains from them. Use water or mild detergent to avoid quick wearing away. Wall tiles are to be taken care of in a similar way, with a cloth or a sponge. Grout is extremely important when it comes to tile so make sure the grout is sealed after installation.

6. Edges

Depending on what you choose, you could have dimensional looking walls and floors, or perfect fitting ones. These depend on the edges: pressed or rectified respectively.

When you look at flooring in Orange County, be sure to keep these points in mind. Eventually, you will want a durable, aesthetic tile set up for your kitchen or bathroom. Make sure that they are supplied by a trustworthy flooring company like Flooring Discount Center.

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