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What To Look For When Hiring An Appliance Moving Service

The first thing that comes to mind in the middle of the divorce is who gets the TV. I am not making any assumptions about your reasons for moving, but I hope you get the TV. There is a lot to be concerned about when hiring an appliance moving service because we got to make sure that the stuff you have is safely moved to your new place. Safely. In this article, I wil discuss how you can find the best appliance moving company for you. Let’s begin:

Third-party reviews of moving companies

It is easy to fake testimonials on your website. It’s YOUR website! It is tough to fake reviews on reliable third party websites like Google or Yelp. These websites have the combined wisdom of thousands of people who have interacted with the companies you are looking to contact, and it would be useful for you to cross-check which companies in your list are worth considering. Furthermore, it is well known that customers tend to consider negative reviews more strongly than positive ones, which is why I recommend reading the 1-star reviews of these companies so that you are critical of their claims. I don’t want to make you pessimistic, because the divorce is enough for that.

But, yes. You should only consider companies with more than a hundred reviews and have a rating higher than 4. 

Insurance is the best tell.

It does not fit the stature of a great moving company to provide an incomplete insurance package, which is why it would be great for you to look for a company that is comprehensive with its insurance policy. You want to truly relax while the moving company takes care of your stuff, and it would not happen if you’re worried about the TV and half your stuff. If your TV or any of the appliance breaks or gets damaged while it is in possession of the moving company, you should get some compensation from the company through no fault of your own. However, you will not get this compensation from a sub-par moving company, and only the best of the best will ever live up to their promises. Therefore, I started by recommending that you be critical of the moving companies’ negative reviews, and I stand by it. You should look for a mover that offers comprehensive coverage so that you are relaxed during your move.

Professional Staff

A critical portion of any service is the servicemen. When you go to a restaurant, it is the waiter representing the restaurant to you, and when you are moving, it is the mover that represents the company. Everything that the mover does is the company’s embodiment, and I know that I would want a courteous, professional, and competent mover to handle my move. I will like the mover to be thorough with the packing and careful with the loading and unloading of my appliances or furniture or any other thing I may have. These are given requirements for a moving company, and you should not settle for anything less. You can also find how professional the staff is or not by reading the reviews.


After a divorce, people are already pessimistic, and I believe that this would be a good state of mind to make an informed decision. I will recommend Move 4 less Las Vegas moving company, not because I was divorced. My spouse and I have been together for 37 years, but I have had a very positive moving experience with the company. I came to Las Vegas to help my son with his move during the divorce, so if you are in Las Vegas, be sure to check them out. Be safe, and happy moving!

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