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What to Look for When Shopping for Minimalist Fashion Clothing?

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

In today’s fast fashion, it’s hard to get hold of a trend that can’t last long. In the midst of it all, minimalist fashion comes as the obvious choice for those aiming towards a sustainable and lasting fashion sense. If you’re aware of what minimalism is and how it contributes to aligning your life on a conscious plane, you might have the idea about the possibilities you can create with the most basic outfits in your wardrobe.

Minimalism is when you look into your closet and feel happy and confident about the way you wear, look, and feel. However, you can have a minimalist wardrobe with limited pieces of clothing and still have an upscale maximalist style sense. At this point, your minimalist approach for fashion has to do more with your thoughts and ideas, along with the way you shop for your clothes. From the style to color palette, everything defines how vivid your sense of minimalism is.

To get there, you need to shop your way towards it. Here are a few ways to buyfor your minimalist fashion.

1. Know Your Style And Stick To It

What you wear defines your personality. What you keep in your wardrobe shows how you choose to look. The way you decide to style allows your personality to exhibit through your clothing. The pieces of cloth enhance or reduce the charisma and prowess.

Whether you like individual styles or different combos, make sure you check the length they’re going to survive the fashion wave. It’s always better to go for seasonal basics so you can have a wardrobe with all the essentials.

2. Set Shopping Rule And Boundaries

Whenever you’re going to shop for minimalist clothing, note down a few things. Will you wear them or not? Will you be able tocare for it? How many pairs can you make using a particular piece of cloth? Is it comfortable to wear? Is this dress easy to wash?

Questions like these can help you analyze what your boundaries are and how you need to respect them. Also, make sure you don’t fall for the trendy ones. Think with a clear mind and set rules, so you may not end up overshopping and burdening your credits.

3. Shop With A List

As mentioned before, you don’t want to end up in debt. Your heart might be tempted to buy so many things, but it will cost you your minimalistic approach. So, grab your phone and create a shopping list that comes within the budget allotted to your clothes.

The list will allow you to grab all the essentials without trailing off your minimalist fashion sense. Also, you’ll save both time and energy to sort through different clothing items.

4. Know The Fabric Type You Want To Use For Long-Term

Often, you like a dress to wear at your night out with your friends. You might even buy it. But days after, you may be bothered wearing it due to several reasons. If you’re new to minimalism, you might see a pattern there.

Before you shop, make sure that the fabric you’re going to purchase is crafted through sustainable means. You can choose between natural fiber like cotton or linen clothing for women. However, the point here is to select clothes you’re comfortable wearing for the long-term. Also, determine that you can take care of these clothes with minimal effort.

5. Experiment With Minimalist Fashion

Minimalism takes time for perfection. The best bit about it is that you can experiment with neutral palettes, asymmetrical clothing and numerous styles. You will be exposed to a new dimension where you can explore the aesthetics of minimalist clothing.

Experimentation will allow you to differentiate between theory and practice. For instance, a pale coat in the magazine might look good enough, but in reality, you might disagree. The shoes in the shop might be begging you to buy them, but it might be hard for you to maintain and use them daily.

6. Borrow If You Don’t Want To Purchase

Even though minimalism doesn’t require you to fill your clothes with almost everything you can lay your hands on, it does allow you to stretch your hands out and borrow the clothes for the timebeing, without piling your wardrobe with redundant clothes.

For instance, if you need a dress for any occasion, say a date night or a friend’s wedding, you can borrow it from a boutique or a friend. You will be surprised how this step can help you cut the costs on your budget and treat yourself with the perks of this favor.

7. Look Out For Sales

Sales are held all around the year, and there’s no better opportunity to grab your favorite picks. Once you’ve had your list ready and there’s isn’t any urgency, watch out for minimalist clothing stores that put their best pieces on display at discounted rates. If you have coupons or giftcards, then don’t lose the chance to get your hands on the desired pieces. If the item you’re looking for is unavailable, see if the stock gets refilled later or either get an equivalent item.

Keep the sales posted in your calendar or maybe even set the alarm for the day the sale starts and ends. You might probably find the best deals in town. Just remember to stick to your list and don’t over shop.

8. Buy second-hand items

It might sound a bit awkward, but minimalist clothes often come with a pricy tag. If you’ve liked a clothing piece before, make sure you see if available in the second-hand version – only if you want to use the dress for long.

Online shopping sites like eBay have stores that can provide you with expensive clothes worn once or twice for half rates. See if the clothes are in their best condition and are in good condition. If your heart goes with it, go with it. Just make sure you’re buying it from someone reliable.

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Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons.

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