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What to Prepare in a Meeting Room This 2021

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It’s more than a year since COVID-19 started. The new protocols became the new normal, and we are still dealing with it today. However, businesses still need to go on. Although higher officials suggested keeping your meetings online, face-to-face conferences still have their perks.

This article can help you prepare in your meeting room this 2021 to avoid coronavirus risk or spread. Following the local guidelines and protocol can save lives. Moreover, you can have your business keep going if your staff is free from COVID-19.

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Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

1.       Spread the News About Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines

To stop the spread of coronavirus, everyone’s teamwork and cooperation. You can create an email reminder for each of your employees. Other suggestions to keep reminders for your members are through digital signage, customizable welcome screens, room calendar displays, and more.

The welcome screens will show the maximum capacity of your meeting room. Apart from that, you can display general health and safety tips and overflow room information.

On the other hand, you can use the room calendar displays to remind the cleaning and sanitizing schedule in the meeting room. That will keep your cleaners updated.

2.       Go for Touchless Meeting Space Solutions

As much as possible, refrain from using the same things from your workmates. You can encourage the Wireless ‘BYOD’ Content Sharing. This solution allows the participants to create layout control through the Solstice app.

That means no sharing of cable, table, and dongle. Attendees can have their mobile devices to serve as a drawing tool or wireless pointer.

3.       Always Sanitize Before You Go

Other people think that sanitizing a few times every week is sufficient. However, you should do it more often than you think you should. Once you occupy the meeting room for your conferences, you should sanitize the place after using it. Yes, the appropriate sanitizing is every use of the meeting room.

4.       Divide Your Team into Groups

The truth is that you can’t accommodate everyone from your company. You still need to practice social distancing, especially you are going to have meetings in a closed area. When there is lesser ventilation, the virus can spread faster.

You can decide which of your team members are essential to your meeting for that particular agenda. Nonetheless, if you need all of your employees to attend the meeting, you can collaborate with them through video conferencing.

5.       Improve the Meeting Room’s Ventilation

Instead of using aircon in your meeting room, why not try to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air? If you are in the city, and fresh air isn’t possible, you might want to look for other well-ventilated areas to conduct meetings.

You can also improve the room’s ventilation by opening the interior doors, turning on the fans, or using a box fan.

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