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What to Wear On The Plane When Flying for Business

Before you consider a Gulfstream g550 charter cost through a private jet charter Los Angeles, have you considered what you are going to wear on the potentially long business trek? While it may not seem that important, initially, your clothing will directly affect your comfort level on the jet. Therefore, to ensure your comfort on your chartered business flight, consider incorporating the following pieces into your flight wardrobe.

Jacket or Blazer

While it may not be required to fly with private aviation companies, a jacket or blazer is a great way to look sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. Also, the beauty of wearing one of these pieces is that they can easily be removed to improve your comfort during your business trip. Therefore, don't head to the airport without one or the other.

Sweater, Cardigan or Pullover

Another essential for those long business flights is a sweater. You can choose either a cardigan or a pullover, but one or the other is likely a must. When traveling long distances, cabin temperatures can fluctuate, so having a piece of clothing that can easily be pulled on or off is essential.

Comfortable Pants

While you might not spend a lot of time debating about your choice of pants on a daily basis, you should put some effort into considering the pros and cons of pants before a long flight. For instance, jeans are a little stiffer than dress pants and khakis, but dress pants are not very flexible either. Some frequent flyers suggest that khakis offer the most comfort and breathability when compared to other types of pants.


You will also want to spend some time considering the pros and cons of the type of shirt you are going to wear. The key is to find something that still offers a professional style without restricting movement. Therefore, many people choose to wear a nice t-shirt under a blazer or a loose-fitting button-down.


Socks are a must for airline travel today. For most security checks, you will be required to take off your shoes, which means that without socks, your feet will be exposed to potential germs and bacteria. Therefore, socks are for hygiene, but they also provide an added layer of warmth.

Slip-on or Other Comfortable Footwear

Again, loose-fitting or relaxed fit style clothing is the best thing you can wear when traveling long distances, and that goes for footwear as well. However, as with socks, the reason is two-fold. Bringing slip-on shoes makes it easier to get through security checkpoints. However, loose-fitting shoes also make you more comfortable while traveling.


Last, it might be a good idea to bring a scarf. Having a scarf on hand is to help keep you warm throughout your trip, similar to sweaters and pullovers.

Whether renting a private jet or flying commercial, extended business trips can be grueling. Therefore, it is essential that you are prepared for the haul. The best way to prepare is to wear the appropriate attire for such a trip. You can reach out to a charter company to discuss good wardrobe options as well.

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