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What type of box should we use for our earrings? What features should it hold?

Who would not want to wear their beautiful piece of jewelry and would keep it locked in the cupboard? But there are some times when we cherish an item so much that we do not wear it that often. We retain that product for some special occasions. But for that purpose, we also would have to carry them in our purses. 

You must have noticed that a jewelry item could easily get affected negatively without a box. So it is safe to say that we need a suitable case for our jewelry. There are several packaging boxes in the market. No box resembles the other one. Let us take an example. 

No two brands use the same box. Even when they sell the same item, their unusual packaging would be the one that represents the brand. If we were to start a brand for a specific type of jewelry, such as earrings, what box should we use? If you are curious, then keep reading. In this article, we will discuss types of earring boxes. And what features should it hold?

Type of box should we use for our earrings:

After determining what product we want to sell, another question arises. And what box should we use? If you are wondering the same question, let us discuss the types of packaging for our earrings.

● Window boxes.

● Two-piece boxes.

● Sleeve boxes.

● Custom Rigid boxes.

● Flip-top boxes.

All of these are the boxes that get used by brands all over the world. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the most suitable and perfect one, use a box with inserts.

Boxes with inserts.

No one could confidently name a box that is more suitable to be used for jewelry products. A packaging box with inserts is the choice of every brand. Such cases increase the product's worth. And it does so while keeping it simple and sophisticated. But there can be different types of inserts, and some of them might be preferable to be used for jewelry. Let us discuss them briefly.

Foam inserts.

These packaging inserts are organic. And because they are organic, they are more spongey and soft. Therefore, they are the best inserts that one can use for earrings.

Cardboard inserts.

These inserts are preferable to use for earrings. They serve the look and seem elegant.

Paper Pulp inserts.

Such inserts are preferred not to use for jewelry products. 

Customization options for our earring packaging:

Customizing a packaging box is the crucial and most arduous part. And to ace this process, we must know the types and different ways to customize our case. So let us discuss these techniques briefly.

Screen printing.

In screen printing, we use low viscosity ink that gets absorbed into the surface of material getting customized. And it leads to a sleek and natural look. One of the best features of this technique is that the ink dries out quickly.

Digital printing.

Digital printing is the most beneficial when we want to customize our material quickly. All you need is an electronic file. Then, you could either draw it yourself or hire a professional designer. Meanwhile, there are also so many free templates available on the internet you could also use them.

Engraving and Embossing.

Engraving and embossing are most serviceable when we wish to highlight our brand identity. And in the case of earring boxes, they could help us gain a luxurious look. 

Carve in your brand logo with the process of engraving. Meanwhile, give a 3D look to your box using the means of embossing.


It is the process of customizing or overlapping a box with foil. And it can be done so with heat and pressure. Foiling can give your case a luxurious look you must be thriving for. 

Features our boxes should hold.

Let us discuss some features that a jewelry box must hold to affect our business positively.

Sturdy and Secure.

How would it feel to receive a present in a lovely but frail packaging box? Well, from some distance, it would look all fancy and pretty. But when you have it in your hands that is when the excitement will vanish.

A sturdy earring box packaging increases the worth and elegance of a product. If this was not the case, then why would you think that luxurious brands use rigid boxes? So while getting yourself the earring cases, make sure they are sturdy and secure.


Non-organic packaging is not only going to destroy your business but also your products. This is because non-organic packaging excludes some radiation that affects your items. And it could also make your products rust quicker than you thought.

Use paper earring boxes UK that are not only safe but are also lightweight and affordable. 


Nothing makes a customer more excited than seeing elegant packaging. A sophisticated packaging attracts the customer from the other side of the shop. And for jewelry products, elegance is a must. No matter how beautiful the item is, if the case is ugly, the object must be of low quality; this is how a customer thinks. So keep in mind a packaging represents your brand and product quality.


How could we possibly run a business when our outgo exceeds the profit we earn. There could be many reasons why our expenses exceed. The very first would be using a not having a strategy. 

Secondly, using a material that is not only expensive but is also not suitable for our products.

Use earring packaging that gets manufactured with suitable packaging material. Do not over-customize your boxes. I have seen many new sellers using excessive decoration and addons that could cost them a lot. At the beginning of your business, have it simple, sophisticated, and elegant. And let your business shine by using your earring boxes wholesale.

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