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What Type Of Clothing Should You Wear When Working From Home?

As time passes by, the overall novelty of working from home tends to wear out. Moments like these are when it can be difficult to keep yourself productive & energised. Even though you might be tempted to stay in your pyjamas, but if you're really mindful about what you wear, then it can help in setting your tone for the day and thereby contribute towards your overall productivity & wellness. 


In WFH conditions, the differences between home and work become less because they all happen at the same time. So, the only way you can easily differentiate between the two is by altering your clothes. While you might think of this as a small detail, a small change such as this can change your entire mindset. Therefore, we have created this exhaustive guide to help you learn the types of clothing that you should be wearing when working from home. 


What Should You Wear On A Regular Workday?


Unless you have to be on conference calls all the time, the company that you're working for will not care for your dress code. Comfortable clothing from Deus Ex Machina in the UK is what you should be wearing. However, ensure that the clothing you’ll be wearing should help you to juggle between your family as well as work responsibilities. 


The following are some of the ideas that you can use for your outfit:


  • T-Shirts

  • Polo Shirts

  • Comfortable Sweaters

  • Comfortable Jeans

  • Soft Dress

  • Khaki Pants

  • Knit Jumpsuit


Remember that you shouldn't neglect your personal maintenance & hygiene. Ensure that you keep your hair well-groomed and pamper yourself with some light makeup to help yourself go through the day. The bottom line here is to dress in such a way that you feel confident yet comfortable, while also looking professional at the same time. 


What Should You Wear During Video Calls?


If you want to increase your confidence while receiving video calls, you need to dress up as if you're meeting or attending in person. Such a stance will help you show your professionalism so that you can feel that you're in a real meeting. Even the dress code might vary, choose something that goes in line with the industry in which you're working. In case you're not convinced, you can always ask your bosses, managers or colleagues for some insights.


Always remember that the other people on video calls will only be able to see a portrait illustration of you on their screen, so make sure you give attention to your shirt, glasses and hair (including any other accessories). 


Here are some proposals on what you can wear:


  • T-shirt with jeans and a blazer

  • Body blouse & skirt

  • Shirtdress

  • Shirt with trousers or pants along with a tie

  • Additional accessories such as jewellery and scarves


If you’re wearing a t-shirt with a blazer & jeans, make sure that you select the correct t-shirt colour. Avoid bright colours such as red, yellow or orange. Instead, go ahead with minimalist colours such as blue, white or black. 


And with that last suggestion brings us to the end of this guide. We hope you enjoyed our tidbits and in case you're planning to buy some high-quality t-shirts online, don't forget to check our website out. 

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