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What Type of Paper Should You Print On

When printing different forms of media, such as flyers, brochures and business cards, the vast number of options of what type of paper you can use can make it hard to know which one is best for what job. 

As well as the different types of sizes that paper can come in, there are also various different materials that can be used to make paper, which can drastically affect how your media looks and feels. Not to mention that when you also include the different types of coating that paper can have, it’s clear why many business owners can get confused on what type of paper is best. Here’s a quick look at some of the different options to help businesses decide what type of paper they should print on.

Inkjet Printer Paper

Inkjet printer paper is paper designed to be specifically used with Inkjet printers, due in how they absorb the ink. There are in fact multiple different types of paper suitable for an inkjet printer, but to keep things simple all you’re going to need to know is that there are photo, greeting cards, business cards, and glossy variants. 

Laser Printer Paper

Laser print paper is a slightly different form of paper that is only really suited for laser printers. This type of paper is mostly used within business environments for printing documents that don’t necessarily have to be the highest, finest quality, such as mailing labels and invoices.


Matte paper is one type of coated paper that is used to give paper a more luxurious feel and appearance. It’s one of the most frequently used type of coated paper, due to its versatility and how it can be used for all printing tasks. It’s finished with a white coating that helps ink dry super quickly on it, making it great for printing a piece of media that is needed quickly. For these reasons, you should make a decision on coated paper vs un-coated paper. 

Bright White

This type of paper is great for high-quality, double-sided printing due to how the sheets are smoother and non-textured. With how bright they are it means that both sides can be printed on without risk of the ink showing through on the other side.


When printing images or photographs, then coated glossy paper is the best choice as it produces the best colors as well as brilliantly sharp images. This is because the glossy surface absorbs the ink, creating a much higher image clarity when compared to matte paper.

Card Stock

Card stock is a much thicker variety of paper that is super strong and sturdy, and is most commonly used for scrapbooks as well as to print postcards and business cards because of its unbeatable durability. This means that the paper can be carried around and passed from place to place without becoming tattered or crumpled, allowing it to look professional and good quality. This makes it great for print media that need to be mobile.

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