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What Type of Trailer Do You Need?

Those experienced with trailers easily know exactly what type they need, but most people have never driven or selected one before. You might be surprised to know that there are many different trailers and each one is made for something unique. Some are made for smaller loads while others excel at shipping packages and cargo. This will go over the different types of trailers along with some suggestions for picking the right one.

Different Types of Trailers

The right type of trailer depends on what you're hauling. If it's one large object or many pallets, then a flatbed is the best and most conventional trailer. Enclosed trailers are also very common. The trailer is enclosed with walls to keep the cargo free from the elements. These are the most common trailers you'll see on the highway.

If you're shipping something cold, then you'll want to choose a refrigerated trailer. There are some that actively chill the load while others are passive and have thick walls to insulate the cold items.

If you need something smaller to haul a small or medium piece of equipment, then a lowboy trailer might be best. These are simple to maneuver and have lower decks so that you can easily load equipment.

There are even trailers for hazardous materials. These are cylindrical in shape and made for flammable or dangerous materials like gasoline, petroleum and chemicals.

Choosing the Trailer Size

This all depends on what you're hauling. For example, if you're just hauling your personal objects from one place to another, then you'll need a very small trailer. If you're planning on carrying cars, equipment or products a long distance, then you'll probably want a trailer over 10 or 14 feet long.

Consider all the dimensions of your particular trailer and see what can fit. Match this with your objects and determine the best way to pack them. This will help you determine how large the trailer should be. You should also leave some room in case you need to pick something up along the way. You don't want the trailer stuffed to the brim.

While many people focus on length, keep in mind that you can choose a wider trailer as well for more room. Even a foot more can dramatically increase your hauling capabilities.

Single or Double Axle

This is a matter of great debate and everyone has their own answer. The truth is that the best one is very situational because they each serve different purposes. Single axle trailers have just one axle by itself while double axle trailers put two axles right next to each other.

Single axle trailers are more affordable and easier to maneuver. This is especially true on smaller trailers, but even applies to larger ones. Double axle trailers do a better job of dispersing weight with heavy loads and are more durable in general.

If you are hauling a smaller or lighter load, then a single axle will probably be better. It's more economical and easier to use. If you're a first-time hauler, then a single axle is also best since it's easier to maneuver. Experienced drivers or those with much heavier loads will want double axle trailers.

You'll also want to consider a flip axle trailer. These move the leaf springs above the axle. This will increase your clearance by about six inches, which is good for bumpy roads and rough terrain.


There are many trailers to choose from because each one is made for a unique job. Be sure to consider your exact needs and measure out your cargo so that you know exactly which trailer is right for you.

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