What type of video ads work?


Video ads, which can be television ads but also promotional content that plays before, during, or after streaming content can be a great boost in revenue for marketers who do it right.

 The right video ad can engage potential customers quickly and can go viral, can build brand loyalty quickly, and can embed a company fully into the mindset of potential customers.

Before answering today's question,  What type of video ads work?  Marketers recommend that you  decide which of three categories  your viewers fit into:


         1. Those unfamiliar with your product


         2. Those who are familiar with your product but are on the fence about purchasing

         3. Those who are ready to act


These three categories will tend to drive your campaign and turn it into programmatic television advertising, as your campaign goals are clearly established.

 Campaigns to familiarize people with your product  

If you are a relatively new company or are attempting to move from a local or regional player you face one critical problem ...  99 percent of the World doesn't even know you exist.

 Don't be fooled into thinking the world knows about you, or even if they know, that they care... you have to give them a reason why you should invite them into their busy, problem-filled lives.

And oh by the way,  You've got around 10 seconds or less to make them care.  

When watching ads, either on television, Facebook, or YouTube,  people are on automatic mode  and you must give them a  really compelling reason  to pay attention.


 The three ways to get attention quickly


While all three apply across the board to video ads, in particular, the three ways to get people off automatic mode and introduce your relatively unknown brand are:


         1. Ask a relevant engaging questionFor example... 'Attention. Have you been injured by a truck driver in an accident?" Or...  "Do you have a cash emergency and need to sell your home fast?"  

         2. Directly state a known problem  "Are you tired of buying extra paint, because your brand doesn't cover in one coat? "  Or  "Do you stay awake all night because your next-door neighbor's dog continually barks?  

         3. Surprise or shock  "Up to 25 percent of married couples cheat. Watch this video to find out if your spouse may be cheating."  

 Campaigns to get people off the fence  

For customers familiar with your product,  you need them to have a clear vision of why they should go with you.  .... and the key word is  comparison  

Comparing directly by name, or in general, your customer should know  within 10 seconds... 1 to 3 reasons why your company has a better product.

If you are a real estate company, you aren't trying to convince people to sell their homes. You are concentrating on solid reasons sellers should go with you, such as  "We get customers 10 percent more on average by selling their house through us"...or

 "90 percent of our customers sell their house within 30 days."


 Campaigns for people ready to act


If a customer is ready to act, in order to grab that customer you have to be like the "Godfather" and  make them an offer they can't refuse.


Use the  special sale and limited offer combination.  


By offering a sale for a limited time offer, you can acquire a substantial percentage of those who are ready to act, but  stop them in their tracks  from buying with a competitor.

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