What Types of Videos to Include in Your 2021 Video Marketing Strategy


Since the pandemic hit the world, it has become noticeable that more and more people are spending their time watching videos, movies, documentaries, or other things on OTT channels, YouTube, and name a few. So, it is safe to conclude that the craze for video consumption has only accelerated during the pandemic.

This means it is time to start utilizing this new focal point to your benefit. In fact, video marketing in today’s market will prove highly beneficial. For instance, take a look at these numbers:

  • As per Animoto, 85% of marketers feel that video is an effective way of grabbing attention online.
  • According to Social Media Week, viewers claim that they retain 95% of information if the details are in video format.
  • Another stats posted by Animoto suggested that 93% of brands got a new customer due to video posted by a brand on their social media.

But despite these incredible numbers, there are still many companies that are lacking behind. But fortunately, it is never too late to introduce video marketing in your business marketing strategy. However, it is important that the videos you post are engaging, captivating, influencing the customers and building brand awareness, such as:

1. Live stream event content: Live streams have become popular in recent years. In fact, many viewers engage in such events and conferences for firsthand information on new things, products, and services. If your audience has been showing positive signs, then it is time that you incorporate live videos into your marketing strategy.

But, you will have to be extremely thoughtful here because there are times when people register for a webinar but skip the event to watch it later. The later situation seldom arrives. So, work with a video production agency to create an engaging live stream event that maintains the viewer’s attention with interesting content.


2. Asynchronous video content: Asynchronous video content is nothing but personal video content that you send back and forth with your clients, customers, a new trainee, etc. For example, consider it as a Zoom or Face Time call but with gaps in between two people having a conversation. You can record your side of the video and send it to the recipient to shoot his/her part effectively.

These types of videos prove highly useful as they can offer the viewer incredible knowledge about a certain thing. Plus, it is the best way of connecting your prospective viewers in a novel way. So, if you have experimented with Asynchronous video yet, then 2021 is your sign of giving it a try.

3. Interactive AR content: Another type of video marketing content that is making people engaged is the Interactive AR content. In fact, many big brands like IKEA have already embraced the AR concept. IKEA has virtual tools on its website that allow the customer to view the products in their intended spaces.

Likewise, many spectacle-selling brands allow the customer to virtually wear a pair of glasses based on their facial features.

This type of approach is quite useful for brands that sell products that are hard to invest in without seeing them in person. And since the COVID-19 scare is still lingering, interactive AR content can bridge the gap caused due to various limitations of in-person shopping.

4. Social Media content: People are not just locked away in their house, but the spare time they have on their hands is getting used to hone the skills. And social media content is the best way to offer your customers what they want.

It is okay if the video quality is slightly low, but it has to be highly authentic if you wish to post the same on Instagram, Tiktok, or other similar platforms. The notion here is to add personality into the video so that the customers feel like they understand your brand as well as the people associated with it.

5. Evergreen video content: One can never plan to expect what will happen to the business landscape in the coming months. So, it is wise to prioritize production for evergreen video content.

Go for explainer videos, customer testimonials, about us, and other content that will be accurate and relevant even if the months ahead aren’t going as planned.

And since evergreen videos tend to have a longer shelf life, it is important to put some thoughts into making them. So, it is best to leave this work to the professionals to experience real success with the videos.

Signing off

The customers nowadays have become smart. They want effective services without adding a lot of effort. Likewise, they want total information without the need to go through various things. And video manages to do that effectively.