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What was the relationship between Morgan Stewart and Bryce Kristensen

How Rich is Morgan Stewart in 2020

Morgan Stewart is one of the internet personality and social media influencers who gained fame on the E! Reality TV show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. She is undoubtedly one of the undaunted celebrities as publically dating is not a cinch and even harder to split after the televised wedding on the E.

Stewart’s husband has also been the part of the original cast of ‘ Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’. The couple has now separated – Fitzpatrick proposed steward on one of the episodes of the show in 2015 but later they divorced and the exact reason behind the divorce is not yet disclosed. But during one of the interviews, she moved to tears while talking about her breakup. Morgan filed for divorce after three months of their separation. 

Morgan Stewart and Bryce Kristensen

There is no denying that Morgan’s career or the reason for fame has also been the unpopular opinion that most people are afraid to say. In March 2019, she found herself amid shocking controversy about her alleged affair with former boss Bryce Kristensen. According to various sources, they both had an inappropriate relationship and both are engaged in physical relations, flirting. Bryce refused these rumors and declared them baseless and said Stewart and I are friends and there is nothing more than that. Both have openly denied the wrongdoing Morgan also said that she knows Bryce since the start of her career and they are good friends and I am happily married. She has now also become the co-host of daily pop. 

Most people have been associating the affair of morgan and Kristensen the real reason behind the Morgan Stewart divorce. As right after this, the couple was hit again with marital trouble rumors. In June, Fitzpatrick revealed to his co-workers that he wanted to split up with Morgan after the rumors raised against his wife and boss. After the incident, the couple was not even wishing their partner birthdays or anniversary on social media.  Fitzpatrick was also seen without a wedding ring in one of his post but he denied the claim and said this is not true. Morgan Stewart, however, remained quiet throughout this matter but later on August 2019 she came up with this sad announcement and said we have decided to part our ways. Now it seems that the lady has forgotten the past and ready to explore more in times to come. If you are interested in knowing more about her; check out Morgan Stewart Wikipedia. 

Who is Morgan Stewart dating in 2020?

As reported by people, Morgan has started dating a new man Jordan Mcgraw in early 2020 – whom she dated 10 years prior. She revealed in the Instagram story that he was persistent and I was like ‘all right’. Mcgraw is a singer who released a solo called ‘ Met at a party ‘. Mcgaw said in one of his interviews that his dad has a great impact on his music taste as he forced him to listen to as many types of different music as possible. 


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