What Websites are 123movies Alternatives?

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Are you into watching movies online? 

If the answer is yes, then you probably have heard and used the 123Movies website or tried it at least once. However, there are numerous other similar websites that are considered 123movies alternatives. Hence, through this article, you will come to know about these websites where you can start watching any movie you like for free. 

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       i. Yes Movies 

This is the first site that takes a spot on this list. One can watch any number of movies without any issue or complication. People who use this website can opt to watch modern and updated movies as well as TV series. Moreover, an ample amount of HD picture quality movies are available for a remarkable viewing experience. Also, it offers suggestions based on the previous types of films or TV series one has watched. 

However, one will have to sit through various ads from time to time and also clear out a pop up when an individual visits this website. 

     ii. Show Box

This is another site that people visit to watch movies online for free and is considered by many to be 123movies alternative. What makes this site unique are a few particular features. One of which is easy ways to download any TV series or films. However, to use this website, one will have to download as well as install an emulator to watch a movie on a computer. 

   iii. Watch Free 

This is another website that is used globally and is considered an alternate option to 123movies. Similar to previous websites mentioned in this list it offers films in HD picture quality and is considered by its users to be one of the safest websites to stream a movie. 

Also, there are no advertisements involved, which means one can watch an entire movie without any distraction. However, to use this website and watch videos online, an individual requires creating a user account first. 

   iv. ZMovies

Last but not least is ZMovies. Like the others, this is quite popular among people who prefer to watch movies online for free. What makes this website unique is its massive movie library and the aspect that every day new movies are updated on this site. Also, it is quite user-friendly, as the homepage offers a list of movie genres that assists in choosing the correct film easily. Also, simply by choosing a year, a person will be able to view the most popular movies of that particular year. However, here also one will have to register and create a user account to watch films and TV series. 

Why Are More People choosing 123Movies to Watch Films and TV Shows?

The growing demand has led many to choose 123movies to watch their favourite films and TV shows. Now the question arises, why most people are picking such streaming websites other than simply going to a movie theatre. Well, the answer lies below.

a. It’s free to watch

One of the most important reasons people like to watch movies and TV series online is because an individual doesn’t require paying a single dime. Numerous websites have a library that consists of a substantial number of videos from which people are allowed to choose one and watch. All a person requires is to have a stable internet connection through which they can watch it online or download it to a device.

Most of such sites don’t charge anything. However, some websites might need a person to create an account to watch movies free. This is why most people can opt for 123 movies or similar websites which don’t charge.

b. Freedom of watching movies at an individual’s pace

Another reason people prefer 123movies to watch movies online because it allows one to watch films at one’s pace and convenience. Moreover, when travelling also, one will have complete access to movies which helps in killing time. Unlike at a movie theatre, one will have to watch the entire film at a go; watching online will assist one to complete an entire film at one’s own pace and time.

Moreover, watching online helps one to repeat any movie or TV series which he/she loves. Hence, more people are opting for this option rather than going to movie theatres and other available options.

c. Different genre movies 24x7

Such online websites categorize every movie in their specific genre. Hence, it is ideal for people to choose movies according to the genre of their choice. Also, each website offers different categories like science-fiction, documentaries, action, animation, comedy, drama, horror, etc.

Hence, choosing a film becomes quite easy for a person. Moreover, one can stream and watch movies 24 hours a day and any film they want. This is a freedom which is not available in any other alternative options in modern times. These are some of the reasons as to why people these days are opting for 123movies to watch movies online. So, without any delay, you should try it and enjoy these benefits yourself!

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