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What Weed Strains In Canada Are Researched The Most?

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Some strains of cannabis are more common than others. The strains on this list are the ones that are searched for most throughout Canada, which means they are good.

White Dream

White Dream Strain - is a strain of cannabis that will cause you to have a dream that you won`t even care to wake up from. It includes the White Widow and Blue Dream strains, which are both Sativa-dominant, and it is definitely worth giving this strain a try (weed delivery Aurora).

Blue Dream

Blue Dream cannabis is very popular throughout the West Coast, and it has achieved an extremely high status. It is a cross of the Blueberry strain and Sativa Haze. This means that you'll get the relaxing benefits of the indicia from the Bluerry, and the Sativa benefits from the Haze. It is a good strain for newcomers to cannabis because Blue Dream causes a gentle relaxation for its users.

Pink Kush

This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that creates a very strong body high. You might see some pink hair coming out of the buds that are coated in a layer of trichomes that will almost look like sugar. The fragrance that it gives off is a mixture of vanilla mixed with almost like a candy type of perfume. You'll typically only need tiny doses of this strain because of its potent effects.

White Widow

One of the most common strains across the world is known as White Widow. This is a hybrid that originated in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. White Widow was formed in the 1990s, and you would find it at nearly every coffee shop. The buds are a white color with a crystal-like resin, which lets you know how powerful it is. You'll feel an intense euphoria overtake you, along with a flare of initial energy that will cause you to feel more social and creative.


GSC used to be called Girl Scout Cookies. This is a hybrid strain that mixes OG Kush and Durban Poison. The reputation of this strain grew to such a large amount that it couldn't stay in just California anymore. It gives off the earth, and sweet type of fragrance and you'll feel a high level of euphoria and body relaxation that will have you wanting more. You only need to use a little bit of GSC to feel the effects because of its potency. Medicinal users like to use this strain to relieve their nausea, pain, and loss of appetite.

Great White Shark

This is a powerful strain of cannabis that will create a buzz throughout the body soon after consuming it. Medicinal users will like the pain relief that it can provide. Because of the Sativa characteristics in this strain, it won't completely knock you out. It's suggested not to use this strain during the day if you have a lot of activities going on.

Tangerine Dream

This strain is a mix of Afghani, G13, and A5 Haze. Many people will use this strain if they feel physical discomfort and want a kick of energy at the same time. If you smoke too much of it,  you might experience some couch lock. It provides a euphoric type of high that will bring relaxation to your body and an added bonus of mental prowess.

Grandaddy Purple

Also known as GDP, this strain is a well-known indica cross. It has a berry and grape fragrance and very large buds that are dense and purple. You'll notice a snowy type of dust coating the buds and you will feel the high in your body and in your mind.

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