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What will Happen If You Don’t Clean Grease Trap Regularly?

The grease trap is often an overlooked part of a commercial kitchen. But when it comes to its utility and efficiency, the value of grease trap is immense. And that is why you need to ensure that the grease trap is cleaned regularly and properly. Hiring companies like Greaseco for the job will be a better decision as they will be able to take care of the waste by cleaning it with the right equipment and trained staff.

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Why Grease Trap is Necessary for a Commercial Kitchen?

You might wonder why grease trap installation is important for your commercial kitchen. Well, for a residential kitchen, it will not be really important as the waste produced there will not contain so much hazardous material. But when you are running a commercial kitchen, it is necessary to install grease traps. It will collect the grease and the waste from the system so that contamination-free water can get into the sewer system of the city. It will also help you keep the kitchen clean and hygienic and will ensure that your eatery meets all the standards set by the City Council.

Now, you need to understand that installing grease trap is not the end of your job. You have to regularly clean and maintain it. The trap should be cleaned at regular intervals. When the tank is 25% full, you need to get professionals for grease trap cleaning.

What Will Happen If the Trap is Not Cleaned?

Two things can lead to making your grease trap not cleaned. One, you have forgotten when was the last time you got it cleaned. Two, you consider it to be a DYI job and do it without any expertise or the right equipment. As a result, the grease trap will remain not cleaned. And then the following things can happen.


Completely clogged drains with grease traps can cause overflowing of water and spillage. When the grease trap is not cleaned regularly, the food particles, oils and grease will create a solid layer inside the pipe and it will cause issues like clogging in the trap. As a result, the outlets of the trap will be clogged. So, the FOG (fats, oils and grease) will be inside the pipes that come out of the kitchen. As a result, the water will pass slowly and will create more pressure in the pipe. Hence, there will be chances of spillage and overflowing.

Grease Trap Stops Functioning

Grease trap functions smoothly as long as the trap has only 25% of its capacity. If the amount of grease and other waste becomes more than 25%, the trap will start losing functionality. The FOG or grease has the tendency of turning into solid waste once it cools off. That is why when you are not cleaning the grease trap properly, the outlets will become clogged and the trap will stop functioning. And the contaminated waste will get mixed in the sewer system directly.

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Corrosion of the Trap

Grease and solid waste contain particles that can cause corrosion if left for a very long period. Generally, grease traps are made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. But when the FOG is left in the trap for months, it starts affecting the metal. And when a grease trap is affected this way, you will have no other option but to replace it with a new one. And that is why when you are not cleaning the grease trap, you might have to invest more and get a new one even before the time it is supposed to happen.

Loss of Business

When you are not cleaning your grease trap regularly, the trap will not function. And the pipes will be clogged and waste might start to spill. That will result in an extremely unhygienic environment inside the kitchen as well as the dining area. On one hand, your staff will find it to be hazardous to work in this kitchen. On the other, the foul smell will drive away your customers. And once the City Council will get to know, they might fine you for not maintaining the protocol and standard of service. All of these will cause business loss for you.


So, don’t think twice before hiring an agency offering grease trap services. Get in touch immediately and keep the grease trap clean.  

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