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What Would You Need To Provide Effective Protection Against Cross-Contamination

Owning a restaurant and running it can be very exciting but challenging at the same time. You have all the opportunity to create the best food in town and compete with local restaurants. Though this may seem exciting, it is not that easy as it sounds. There are many challenges and hurdles that come across amongst which cross-contamination is one of them. Pathogens are basically infectious agent which are responsible for diseases or illness. Pathogens can be easily spread from unwashed hands to equipment, utensils, or preparation areas along with food. Fortunately, this all can be prevented by following proper tips and guidelines. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through five tips to prevent cross-contamination at your restaurant.  

Introduce A Personal Hygiene Program

One should make sure that a personal hygiene program is implemented. The possibility of food handlers contaminating food can be eliminated or reduced by introducing a personal hygiene program. It should mainly include policies that should address critical hand practices that should include clean clothing, bathing along with proper handwashing, and use of gloves. One should also address and aware of the staff about the cleanliness and work attire mainly focusing on the proper use of hair restraints and should also prohibit jewelry. Besides this, there should be proper policies in which it would be important for the food handler to come to work healthy. They should cover their wounds and should immediately report the illness.

Remind Your Employees To Wash Their Hands

Besides this one should not hesitate to remind their employees to wash their hands. Regular checks and inspections should be made regarding the cleanliness without hesitation. It is of immense importance especially when one uses the restroom and when one handles the raw meat, poultry, and seafood. After employees properly wash their hands, they should use a hand dryer or even a paper towel instead of using their uniform to dry.

Use Separate Pieces Of Equipment

On the other hand, it should be made sure that different and separate equipment is used. Each type of food should be handled and prepped using separate equipment. This eliminates the chances and prevents cross-contamination at your restaurant.

Clean And Sanitize Work Surfaces After Each Task

All working surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized properly. All the utensils along with equipment should be sanitized and cleaned after each task. Rinsing the equipment is simply not enough to eliminate the pathogens which can later contaminate food.

Purchase Prepared Food

Purchasing preparing food might not look like a great idea but it is a great tip when it comes to preventing cross-contamination. Purchasing food that doesn’t require much prepping can surely prevent cross-contamination. Moreover, this also reduces the handling which will later result in the reduction of pathogens from one surface or food from another.

Get Pvc Factory Divider


You might be already aware of the function of PVC factory dividers. Theyprovide an effective protection against cross-contamination. If you want to utilize all your floor space and that too without the risk of cross-contamination then get PVC factory dividers. These PVC factory dividers will also allow your restaurant to remain in compliance. 


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