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What You Need to Discuss with Painting Contractors in Montreal

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Paint around the commercial buildings or residential houses can easily start to deteriorate earlier than expected due to environmental factors such as extreme exposure of sunlight rays, moisture, weather damage, etc and sometimes even the poor quality of paint. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property exterior and interior you will require a painter to apply a fresh coat of paint, maybe this time you can opt for the paint companies that provide paint formulas such that the walls will be protected from environmental exposure and give a longer glossy look.

Hiring a painter for the commercial or residential property looks like an easy task but there are certain things you should ask your Painting Contractor in Montreal during the consultation session.

Current Condition:

It is important to discuss the current paint conditions of your property with the contractor. It is not necessary that each wall throughout your entire property is affected the same and equal way. Some walls are more exposed to environmental factors than others and this will determine how much work needs to be done, including the type of paint material you might to use or prefer. The work helps you with an estimated cost and volume of material you would need and duration of time as well since repainting your property means that you need to shift and protect a lot of furniture from the paint and provide the painter sufficient space as well.

Fix it all:

You would need to ask your contractor if he can provide options/ ideas and references of his work through which you can judge if the painter is capable enough to fix and seal walls of each may be damaged due to several different factors. Also, ask your potential contractor if any internal repairs need to be done by the handyman that will help stay the paint longer. You should also ask your contractor if he has the right equipment to reach higher corners or ceilings of the wall without any trouble. The action plan should be discussed to the fullest before execution. If the project is for commercial premises than the number of crews will be decided beforehand as well.


If your paint project is extensive and indoor then you might want to book a company licensed and bond or at least with insurance which will cover any damage to the property or any health hazards to individuals caused by the paint material. Insurance is the sign that the company has the resources to meet the basic measures and regulations.

Your preference:

It’s likely that you get inspired from somewhere on Pinterest and want to give your property a new look. Even though communication is the key but when it comes to the look inspiration it is better that you show the image and as the contractor, if he is comfortable making the look rather than verbally describing him. If you want to re-paint your house make sure you have done a color choice consultation beforehand with few alternatives as well.

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