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What You Need to Know about Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

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Data and communications are important aspects of maintaining a manufacturing business or facility. KPIs, events, work messages, and more have to be relayed to all relevant parties both quickly and efficiently.

With digital signage, companies across all markets are able to easily communicate their messages to employees, guests, patrons, and team members. In the article below, I’ll go over some of the important benefits that digital signage can bring to your manufacturing business or facility.

Employee Communications

For any business, maintaining current information and communicating them to your employees is key.

With digital signage, you can display the following and more to your team:

  • Events

  • Reminders

  • Updates

  • KPI

Static signage is often costly and time consuming to update or change. With digital signage however, this is a problem of the past. You will be able to update any important information to your team with relative ease without having to reprint.


One of the most common logistical issues for buildings is how to direct new employees and guests to their location.

For those buildings using digital signage, these problems are a thing of the past.

For wayfinding, being able to direct travelers to their destination effectively not only saves them time, but also your own employees so they have time to complete other tasks. This also lets businesses update locations without having to manually change out placards or nameplates.

Display Production Schedules & Metrics

The day to day metrics for businesses are not only great data, but a great motivator.

Businesses that use digital signage gain the advantage of showing the daily schedule, KPI, and other metrics that help your team stay informed and on track.

Combined with a large display, you can easily display the messages to your team on the workfloor. Utilizing digital signage also improves workplace engagement by 22% which in turn leads to 41% quality defects.

Workplace Posters & Employee Spotlight

To any business, safety is paramount. 

By using digital signage, you can make important safety regulations both easy to locate and read. This is imperative in high risk areas such as the workfloor or loading docks where you can show messages such as:

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Safety Tips

  • Emergency exit locations

Besides workplace safety, you can also highlight various aspects of your company or employee successes with digital signage.

The most popular use for that is celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. This can be an important aspect of a healthy workplace as this not only rewards accomplishments, but also makes employees feel welcome and part of the team.

In an industry like manufacturing, communication is both a necessary part of maintaining a growing business and an integral aspect of keeping everything moving in the same direction. With the advent of digital signage, many businesses have welcomed the ease and taken advantage of the convenience it provides.


To conclude, it is definitely to say that signages have reduced our communication problem in most parts today. Where it is not possible to communicate easily with people, signage can do it amply with easing people. Besides, man can go wrong in communicating at some point, but incorporating accurate messages in the display can showcase the message to the target people and can easily attract them. Further, with the addition of signage to an organization, all the staff can always interact easily with each other, and administrators are no exception.

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