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What You Need to Know About Fire Rated Doors


Fireproof doors are specifically designed to withstand the detrimental impacts of high temperatures like home fires. They have special features that protect people against smoke, which is considered one of the main causes of casualties and deaths in house fires. These fire-rated doors allow houses and buildings to delay the fire from spreading and compartmentalising it in one area. 


What Are Fire Rated Doors?

These are types of doors with special safety features that can make a huge difference between life and death. Fire-resistant doors have two critical functions:

    • Offer a means of escape when opened

    • Create a barrier to stop the blockade

Different fire doors provide different resistance and protection, depending on the company where you buy your door, as well as the testing and regulation it has been given. The manufacturer must meet the fire test standards, and the certification is an indicator of what you can expect from the fire-rated door. 

The rating of fire-resistant doors is specified in minutes such as 120, 90, 60, and 30. These numbers represent the minutes or the time that the door can resist fire. Heavy-duty steel doors can offer up to 4 hours of fire rating, whereas timber doors have lower ratings of about 20 to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that the connected parts and the door itself are made of different materials; hence, they have independent ratings. 

Opt for a fire rated door that has a higher rating if you want the one with a maximum fire resistance level. There is a wide selection of fire rated doors available now, and finding the one for your home will depend on your preferences. 

Fire rated doors are made of durable materials typically from steel, timber, and glass. Often, a fireproof door is a combination of a couple of materials. For example, the door is made from a timber frame and covered with fireproof glass again. In a fire test, the glass must withstand heat exposure for at least an hour before it reaches an extremely high temperature, eventually softening the material. Also, these doors are reinforced with zinc coating, aluminum and vermiculite elements. 

The seal of the fire rated door is a vital component of the entire product. This seal, also referred to as the intumescent strip, expands when heated and covers the doorway. It functions as a shield against smoke and fire by removing the gap between the door and frame. 


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of fire rated doors depends on these factors:

    • The fire-resistance rating

    • The material

    • Its overall design

    • Its manufacturer


Typically, top-of-the-line fireproof doors with higher ratings cost more, as they can last longer and provide better protection. Doors with a specific mix of materials or have a more attractive design, or those with additional features may also have a higher price. 

Remember that fire-resistant doors require installation. Poor installation can compromise the fire rating of the door and its performance. Make sure a trained specialist or a carpenter does the installation. For this, set a budget for the installation too. 

In these modern times, fire rated doors are your additional safety and defense solution for fire emergencies. Over the years, manufacturers have added new features regularly and improved the overall design of their products, giving you a diversity of models and prices. 




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