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What You Need to Know About K-Bus of KNX System! And How It Helps in Home Automation?

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Home automation vendors have had to find a system that solves the problems caused by isolated devices and ensures that all components communicate with each other in the same language.

The K-Bus system sends control data to all components of the home automation system.

In summary, a system such as the K-Bus is required, which remains independent of the manufacturer and the field of application. The standard is based on over 10 years of experience in the market, including with predecessor systems such as EIB, EHS, and BatiBUS. Thanks to the K-Bus system, which is connected to all Buses (twisted pair, radio frequency, power line or IP / Ethernet) that can exchange information. Buses can be detectors or regulators needed to control the following management system equipment. All those functions can be controlled and alarm-secured through a unified system, with no additional control centers.

Bus EIB complies with both ISO (International Standardization Organization) and Europeans standards. It was created in 2008 by GVS manufacturers in the field of energy and building techniques. It is an open system (also called “non-proprietary”) used by more than a hundred manufacturers, on thousands of products.

K-Bus, how does it work?

The KNX protocol is based on the principle of the BUS cable: the principle of the bus is that all KNX participants in a project can interact with each other using this bus.

Unlike a conventional electrical installation, a home automation system is based on a simple principle: the separation of control and power circuits.

The power circuits distribute the 220v energy from the electrical panel.

The control circuit (BUS) conveys the commands transmitted by a pushed button, sensor, remote control or touch screen.

A simple programming at the electrical panel is sufficient to establish the links between the control organs and order receivers and thus configure the entire electrical installation. It is, therefore, possible to change the programming, for example, so that one button lights another lighting circuit rather than the one installed. It is otherwise possible to create scenarios where all the lights are off, the window's shutters closed and the heating is set to eco mode before you leave by pressing a single button.


*It can envisage the possibilities of extensions without important works
*Only the power circuit is brought back to the electrical panel
*Considerable time saved for cable pulling by the electrician

For whom?

*For the holders of a housing construction project 
*For the holders of a project of renovation or restoration of the electrical system 
*For new housing

Who should you trust?

The space for home automation is set to continue to grow in 2019 and beyond. More companies and investors want to enter your home to make it smarter, more energy-efficient, safer, more comfortable, and more cost-effective. One of them is GVS, a company that was established in 1999. Through the years, it has become of the leaders in the field of smart security and intelligent building control system. Today, GVS is one of the pioneers of supplying both KNX building control systems as well as IP/2-Wire Video DoorPhone systems.

KNX is used for lighting control with functionalities as central control of lighting in the house and garden, choice of lighting scenarios or individual dimming lighting, switch and dimmer, automatic lighting, ambient light controller, programmable clock, and DALI gateway.

GVS offers the perfect product, with their motion and brightness sensor for ceiling installation, it has a detection area of 360 degrees and up to 8 meters in diameter. Including various configurable channels for continuous light dimming, switch light control based on presence detection. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of each sensor independently. The master/slave configuration allows the use of multiple outputs with 3 data types.

5” Touch Panel Plus

The new arrival in GVS product catalog, the 5-inch Touch Plus is a very innovative touch screen for building management. Its minimalist aestheticism, dominated by flat and straightforward forms, as well as its portrait format, allow in a very natural way, to be part of all the interior parts of the place of life or work. Its 5"(480x854 resolution) color screen makes it easy to use and allows distributed communication throughout the building. On its display, multiple commands can be activated, such as HVAC, air conditioner, floor heating, and ventilation system control. On the screen, information as time and date, Bus connection status, password protection, and proximity sensor can be displayed.

The KNX system offered by GVS, increases the value of houses and buildings. Technology helps more efficient resource management, which with brightness sensors, motorized window blinds, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, etc., realize substantial energy savings in the consumption of electricity, gas, or water. GVS technology products make it possible to create customized environments (light, temperature, etc.) adapted to each type of person without having to modify the installation. Thanks to new technologies, a mobile phone via the internet can control the different devices connected to the KNX system.

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