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What You Need to Know About Your Rail Enclosure

There are some important things you need to know about Your Rail Enclosure. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It often contains

DIN rail enclosures securely attach industrial and electrical products inside an equipment rack housing frame or cabinet. Such products include power supplies, circuit breakers, actuators, terminal blocks, and so on. DIN rails are the metal strips that form the main part of a standard component rail-mounting system. 


Meaning of DIN

The acronym of DIN, translated into English, stands for German Institute of Standards. First developed in the late 1920s, this popular rack-mounting system supports a wide range of components in many industrial and electrical settings. During the 1950s, neighboring countries adopted and developed it into its current form, and then it went global quite quickly. 


Benefits of DIN Enclosures

DIN applications work for all types of electromechanical devices, such as printed circuit boards, transducers, timers, sensing and monitoring devices, relays, electronic systems, and more. Therefore, you can always find a rail enclosure to suit your specific needs. 


Since DIN rail enclosures are quite popular in Europe, they are widely available in various designs and sizes. Make sure you get the right size for your rail.


Therefore, they are usually quite affordable and easy to assemble and install. Essentially, your rail enclosure will provide ready-to-wire terminals in an extremely attractive package. Since they are also popular worldwide, their level of quality meets or exceeds international standards for safety and performance. 


When working with the right supplier, such as Bernic, customization to your specific needs is easy. They can even cut special cutouts and holes for setting, operating, or indicating components. They can also include special machine entrance points and ventilation slots, in addition to marking terminals for efficiency and quick identification. 


What is DIN Rail Enclosures?

These innovative enclosures, mounted on DIN rail, encapsulate control equipment for industrial and home automation. You can always find one to fit your specific needs. When it comes to purchasing individually designed enclosures, individuality plays an important role.

The final assembly of all parts and components, however, takes place in Denmark. These electronic enclosures offer amazing flexibility when it comes to building your ideal enclosure. Featuring printed circuit boards for terminals, DIN rail enclosures take electrical design to the next level.

You can mix different connector openings with or without ventilation, which allows for a wide variety of connection options. Furthermore, it allows for additional customization in terms of enclosure designs. Due to the wide range of design covers available, you can add any individual features to the design as well.

Bernic strives to offer comprehensive services. They have the technical competence and expertise for an all-in solution. The company has two facilities in Denmark and another one in Taiwan.

DIN rail enclosures conform to standard specifications used worldwide but it is important to specify the correct type for your project. There are opportunities to be gained from specifying the optimum type – and pitfalls for getting it wrong.

Consider the metal of your DIN rail before choosing a cabinet. We generally recommend bernic housings for these applications as it can be safely paired with any DIN rail material. If polycarbonate does not meet your needs, be sure to use the same metal for your railing and housing.

Some rival manufacturers may place a lower priority on aesthetics on the assumption their DIN rail enclosures will be hidden away in equipment cabinets.

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