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What You Need To Know Before Buying a New Utility Trailer

So you're thinking about adding a new trailer to the back of your vehicle. Trailers are an excellent way to transform any vehicle into a vital industrial asset. The process of buying a trailer is a lot like buying a new car. Like with a new car purchase, you need to go through a number of considerations in your head before making this important purchase. There are many options to choose from, so determining your needs and comparing those needs with available trailer options will provide you with the most long-term and successful trailer solutions. Here is everything you need to know before buying a new utility trailer.

Why You Need A Trailer

Someone who plans on towing livestock will need a very different trailer than someone who is carrying construction equipment. By identifying what you will mainly be carrying in the trailer, you instantly narrow down your search to appropriate transportation solutions. When you speak to a trailer manufacturer or distributor, they will show you solutions based on your specific needs and requirements.

Some information you should be ready to share with your retailer include:

  • How heavy your load will be.
  • Which vehicle you will be using to tow your loads.
  • You should also specify whether you will be transporting liquids in your trailer. Liquids can only effectively be transported with specific kinds of trailers. Ensuring your big purchase can handle the load is vital.
  • When you are loading items onto and into your trailer, will you need a ramp to do so? This is an important piece of information to share if you're interested in finding a lasting trailer solution.
  • If you are transporting live animals, you will want some kind of ventilation, especially on long road trips.

What Kinds Of Trailers There Are

Just the same as there are many different types of vehicles, there are just as many, or even more options for your trailer. Here are just a few of the different options available.

  • Utility

Utility trailers are a towable trailer which has guardrails along the sides and generally a ramp at the back. Utility trailers are a good option for anyone looking to haul larger equipment and elements that don't fit into a traditional vehicle.

  • ATV/Snowmobile

Trailers specially made for hauling snowmobiles and ATVs.

  • Car

There are trailers big, and strong enough to house and haul a car to a different location.

  • Equipment

There are trailers designed to transport heavy equipment from one location to another without a problem.

  • Tilt Deck

Tilt deck trailers are the perfect flatbed towing solution for elements that cannot be lifted onto a traditional flatbed trailer.

  • Gooseneck

Gooseneck trailers are an alternative to bumper pulled trailers. They stabilize your towed load and can help alleviate stress from heavy loads.

  • Step Deck

Step-deck trailers are traditionally flatbed trailers with two flat levels. The top deck sits in the bed of your towing vehicle while the lower deck is perfect for towing large loads. This is a stable towing option.

  • Enclosed/Cargo

If you will be towing liquids, a lot of smaller cargo, or live animals, consider enclosed trailer options. These options generally have 4 walls and a roof to protect your load.

Custom trailer options

  • Custom Flat Deck
  • Custom Enclosed
  • Truck Decks
  • Trailer Racks/Truck Racks
  • Hitches
  • Ramps

What Each Trailer Can Hold

Each trailer has a different amount of weight it can carry. Your carrying load should fit well within the trailer's capabilities for an optimal towing experience. When it comes to towing capabilities and hitches, hitch towing capacities are split into 5 different weight classes. Each weight class has a maximum rated weight limit. Observe the following weight standards for each kind of hitch.

Class I - 2,000 lbs maximum

Class II - 3,500 lbs maximum

Class III - 8,000 lbs maximum

Class IV - 10,000 lbs maximum

Class V - Beyond 10,000 lbs up to 25,000 lbs maximum

Talk to your retailer about adding the appropriate ball and hitch elements to your vehicle to allow for maximum towing capability.

What Vehicle You Already Own

There are very specific criteria when it comes to what each vehicle can tow. Have you ever seen a sports car pulling a gooseneck trailer? Likely not. That's because you should not add a heavy towing trailer to a small compact sedan. Well, you could, but you wouldn't get too far! If you push your vehicle too far, you could be subjecting yourself to serious transmission malfunctions damaging your car for good. If you have the option, opt for an SUV or pickup truck over a smaller sedan or SUV.

Before purchasing your trailer, determine your max vehicle towing capacity. The max capacity will include the trailer and all its contents. Each vehicle has a max towing capacity on its own as well as with specialized towing equipment attached. Consult your trailer experts for more information on optimizing your vehicle for max towing capacity.

To Brake Or Not To Brake

Unfortunately, you cannot change the laws of motion. When you haul large loads, it is a hazard to tow without having breaks installed. If you break quickly while towing thousands of pounds behind you, your trailer may end up in the back of your car. For heavier loads, look for a trailer that has installed breaks. This way you can drive safely without fearing for the well-being of your load or your towing vehicle.

Once you have gone and determined all of your specifics, your next goal is to find a great trailer retailer. A great trailer retailer will take into consideration your specific needs, operational uses, and offer you a variety of custom options designed with optimization and efficiency in mind. Talk to your retailer today for more information.

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