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What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga?

Yoga is an enchanting practice, a mind-body practice that not only involves stretching but also brings awareness, mental clarity, spiritual awakening and stabilizes emotions. Originating thousands of years ago in India, the practice was born in the lap of the Himalayas and today, it has spread its wings worldwide making the lives of people better. Yoga entices every one and surely augments the curiosity level of fitness fanatics, letting them enjoy the vast pool of benefits of this ancient science of life.

Before you go to the mat, scroll down to learn essentials things you need to know before starting yoga or go for a yoga certification in Nepal, Thailand or India to learn the art from the experts.

Intent to be realized - Know if it is for you

Yoga is for all. The practice is accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, physical limitations, gender, weight, lifestyle, inflexibility, religious practice and more. It is possible that certain health issues, injuries or a recent surgery may restrict you from the practice or make it challenging. But up to an extent, there is always a safer alternative to experience the holistic art of yogic science. The thing you need to be clear with is your intention, and how you carry forward your journey without treading back.

The need to take up Yoga - Health, Lifestyle, Happiness

Yoga is a wider concept, and beyond the physical training. The art comprises of various aspects and choose yours to start the voyage. Yoga benefits are countless that includes - better night’s sleep, healthy mind, improved balance and posture, better blood circulation, muscle growth, joints and organs health, etc. to name a few. Practice without giving it a miss to garner them all.

More than physical - yoga is a spiritual and mental practice

At the outset, yoga is about a physical training but as one evolves they understand the depth of yoga practice, which is about discovering self, bringing awareness, paying attention to breathe and uniting with the spiritual being. Yoga is easy, yoga is for all, yoga is about the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Give time to the practice and gradually you will unfold the mystic layers of this holistic art.

Yoga has styles - choose the right one for self

When you research about Yoga on the internet, you may come across certain terminologies like Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, Bikram, Kundalini, Anusara, Jivamukti, and more. These terms are the yoga styles and to begin the practice, choose the style wisely. You can select a rigorous one or a restorative one, traditional form or contemporary. Find your style, explore classes, studios and yoga teachers.

Self-love is prior - yoga makes you fall in love with yourself

Yoga is comforting, yoga allows you to connect with the inner self, and the practice makes you fall in love with yourself deeply. While practicing asana, concentrate on your breath and practice meditation for complete calmness. The practice makes you appreciate yourself, keeps you stable, empowers you and makes you realize how complete and beautiful you’re.

Practice Yoga - daily

Yoga is a committed practice which requires you to delve deeper to reap all the rooted benefits as a practitioner. For that reason you need to make it a daily practice. You may be new to the mat, but after some time raise the bar of your practice with yoga training. The course is designed to bestow the rooted and authentic learning of yoga, make you an evolved practitioner and introduce you to the path of spirituality and enlightenment. Go for yoga certification or yoga retreat in Nepal, India, Thailand, etc. to name a few, for a transformative experience.

A step towards self-transformation - towards enlightenment

In the beginning, yoga transforms your body and gradually transforms the whole being in order to unify you with the universal consciousness. The practice lets you walk on the holistic path that brings awareness, the realization of true self, brings a sense of consciousness and more. With the practice, passion and love towards yoga you acquire enlightenment; connect the body, mind, and soul and unify with divinity.

These are the things that you expect from the mystic practice of yoga and take a step toward a new and healthier life.

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