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What You Need to Know Before Your First Car Detailing Project?

First Car Detailing

If you had gotten your first car recently and are thinking about doing a complete detailing project, then you have stepped on the right page. The process of car detailing involves an intrinsic cleaning process along with other methods that will help you protect the paint and improve the lifespan of the paint and other parts. This process also helps in protecting your car against Ultra Violet rays exposure and other environmental factors. You can choose to DYI the process or can seek the help of experts to do it.


If DIY projects are not your Forte, then you should probably go for professional car detailing services. Numerous companies offer mobile car detailing in gold coast. They do an in-depth cleaning and securing process. Before choosing the perfect detailing company for you, look up for online reviews. Since you are paying for the service, you might as well check if the service is worth the cost. Make sure you clarify with the detailers all the services that are included in the package you choose. This way, you can be sure that you are paying the right amount.


If you are going t0 take up a DIY car detailing project, then you might need all the supplies that will help you through it. Go ahead and purchase a functional wash-mitt and microfibre fabric pieces. These two items will help you do the cleaning without causing damages to the top layer of the paint. The risk of scratching will be reduced to a great extent, and you will get a clean finish. You can find car shampoo in different brands. Get some good quality ones. If you use your regular cleaning soap or liquid, it might damage the paint.


Sunlight is your worst enemy when you do your car detailing. All the professional forums that do the process have indoor garages where they can block off sunlight. Most of the products used in detailing won’t show optimum performance sunlight. If these products get heated up during the process, then they are not going to work how they are supposed to. When you consider the car shampoo, it dries up quickly in sunlight and will leave nasty marks and streaks even after to wash the car. Thus, do the process in a garage or on a cloudy day.


Cleaning the tires first is the most efficient way to go about it. There is no doubt in your wheels being the dirtiest components of the car since they are regularly subjected to muck, sand, and all sorts of road slush. The factors of corrosion show their signs too. Start the process by deep cleaning the tires. If not, you will have to do several re-washes to get a clean finish. The first step in cleaning the tires is to Spray the cleaning liquid on and letting it sit for a while. This procedure ill soak up all the muck and grease and will loosen them up. Once the dirt loosens up, you can scrub the tires to release them off the surface. Once the scrubbing is done, you can use a water jet to wash the tires down. Likewise, you can clean every part of your car separately.


Waxing or car polishing will make your ride look as good as new. It improves the overall look of the paintwork. The most efficient way to do polish is by using buffers. The pressure distribution will be more even when you use buffers than when you use a manual polish pad, and you will get the optimal results.

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