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What You're Missing Out On Video Marketing

Did you know that in 2019, 80% of internet traffic will only be engaged by video?

And no wonder! If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is estimated to be worth at least 1,800,000. And the retention of the video is so high, that a visitor spends 8 times more time on a page with a video than he would on a page without.

In this post I will summarize all that you are missing and absolutely need to know about video marketing, and some tips on how to make the most of it!

But what is video marketing?

Video marketing is the fusion of the communication force that video possesses, with the processes and purposes of marketing via marketing video production in Dubai. But can video exist without a marketing strategy?

If I only used it to do a little brand awareness, you probably ... But why invest in the production of a video if it does not bring results if not a little visibility?

It is hard to admit, but a video, however beautiful, if an end in itself, leaves the time it finds. I ask you a question about a classic content that many have requested of me: an institutional video for company presentation, where you and your employees and / or colleagues are all happy within the best company in the world, created with directives and assembly from Hollywood, to what, or rather, who is it for?

Generally, types of videos like this have an engagement approaching 0. Very nice for those who are part of it, but really not very interesting for those who should pay attention to you?

This is why a video, even to make brand awareness, must be included in a marketing strategy in order for it to work and can really bring you an advantage over all your competitors.

What is the optimal length for a video?

It will seem a paradox, but the longer the video, the more it engages. Most of the videos that are still produced today have a maximum duration of 2 minutes for three reasons:

  • They are faster to make;
  • It is believed that for a short video, a user is more likely to view it;
  • We are afraid of boring the viewer with too long contents.

Instead you should do the opposite. Surely, by making longer videos you will decrease the views, but you will increase the quality.

As you can see from the infographic above, making short videos, you miss a big chunk of potential interactions! You should concentrate on making interesting videos, lasting more than 15 minutes, to maximize results. Later I give you some advice on the type of video you could create, but first let's discuss...

When to use the video?

The video, despite being used more and more, is underestimated. In the inbound marketing methodology, it is mainly used in the attract phase, ie when I want to attract visitor to my site, but it is increasingly neglected as the prospect advances in the various stages.

This should make you think about how much the video is used only to get visitors. Instead, you should make the most of it at all stages, whether before the prospect becomes your client, either later. And in all the stages of the buyer's journey!

What kind of video do you create?

Although there is no standard recipe for creating successful videos, there are some types of videos that are better suited to some phases, rather than others.

  • ATTRACT - at this stage you can give your creativity the maximum possible release. You have to attract audiences so you have to create something interesting but educational at the same time. For example you can make a video killer, or a video that will have content aimed at those looking for your area or sector, where you simply explain the complex topic you are dealing with (WITHOUT ADVERTISING!).
  • CONVERT - make your product interesting to your prospect. Make video reviews (or tutorials) of your product or service. This way you can watch your product live in action, and leave your contact!
  • CLOSE - the crucial step. You can't miss your potential customer after all this effort. Reassure them about any doubts that keep them from buying, with a Q&A video so you can answer the most frequent questions your customers ask you, perhaps including testimonials.
  • DELIGHT - here, you have to think about your customer, who has already bought and who you have to try to retain. A video you could make is a video newsletter. In this type of video, you gather the most interesting news or news that surround you, commenting on it to inform your prospect, keeping it somehow connected to you.

Should I make videos?

The answer is at least obvious: obviously you should create video content in your marketing strategies. If you take a look at the infographic below, in 53% of cases a user is more likely to watch a video than to read an article or post on social media.

To summarize then:

  1. You must develop a marketing strategy that includes video, not making videos for the sake of it;
  2. Create long videos, so as to increase the engagement and improve the quality of the visualizations;
  3. Take advantage of videos at all stages of the IM method, even after the prospect has become a customer;
  4. Create different content based on the phase in which your prospect is;
  5. Give importance to the video for its communicative power and ability to retain the audience.

All clear?

Now the only thing you need is to apply the video to your marketing strategy! If you then apply it to the inbound marketing method, you will not only attract visitors, but you will greatly improve the quality of your leads.

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