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What’s New In Apple MacBook Pro 2020?

if you have been searching for a while about - What’s New In Apple MacBook Pro 2020? Then we are here to answer all your questions. in this blog we are going to talk about all the features that this device consists of in detail, so let's get started! 

A Comparison of the 16 inch and 13 inch Models

The first teacher that we are going to talk about in the new 13 inch 2020 MacBook Pro is its scissor switch keyboard which has been powered by Intel's 8th and 10th generation chip, Intel Iris plus graphics, a powerful RAM of 32 GB and a powerful flash storage of 4GB. With all these overpowering features customers may not ever notice that there are no design or size changes available in this device. The brand has discontinued all its 15 inch models and also its Mac notebook which used the butterfly keyboard. 

In the 16 inch model of the Macbook Pro you will find a 3072 x 1920 resolution display which also sports a higher pixel density of 226 PPI. In the 13 inch model of the Macbook Pro you will find a 2560 x 1600 resolution with a PPI of 227. In all the Macbook Pro models you will find a touch bar and the retina display that support true tone functionality which adjusts white balance in order to match the ambient lighting and also other display features such as the wide colour support are included. 

Following the trend of our blog - What’s New In Apple MacBook Pro 2020? Let’s explore a little further. The 16 inch variant of the Macbook Pro is powered by a 6 or 8 core 9th generation chip whereas the 13 inch variant of the Macbook Pro consists of an eighth generation ship in the lower end models  and have a presence of 10th generation trips for the higher end models. The brand also claims that the 16 inch variant of the Macbook Pro actually uses the most advanced thermal architecture which has ever been used in a map notebook that enables it to run at a higher power for a longer period of time interval. 

As far as 16 inch models the Macbook Pro is concerned it has a new  fan design with a larger tailor extended leaves and pig events which help in an increased airflow and a greater heat dissipation. This particular feature helps the Macbook Pro 15 to 12 watt more when it is working under intensive workload. As far as the magic keyboard is concerned it uses a refined Caesar mechanism which is expected to be more reliable when compared to a butterfly keyboard which was present in the older models.

Graphics Card

The next feature that we are going to talk about is the graphic card. The 13 inch variant of the Macbook Pro consists of an Intel Iris plus graphics 645 in the low end models and a much powerful Intel Iris plus graphics in the higher end models. When we analysed the 16 inch model it was equipped with a built-in graphics and Radeon pro 5300M  graphics which were introduced in June this year and is 75% much faster than the Radeon Pro 5500M. Flash storage of a 8TB of SST is available in the 16 inch device and a 4TB SSD is available in the 13 inch variant. When we explored the RAM of the device then in the 16 inch variant of the Macbook Pro we found a 64 GB RAM whereas in the 13 inch model a maximum of 32GB RAM was available. The 13 inch model of a MacBook Pro is capable of offering a 10 hours battery life whereas the 16 inch model is capable of offering an 11 hours battery life due to the availability of 100Wh battery which is the largest ever in a Mac notebook.


Now we will talk about the design of the MacBook Pro. The design of the 16 inch model is similar to the prior version - 15 inch MacBook Pro, in contrast to a slightly larger body and slimmer bezel. As far as the 13 inch model is concerned it has not changed and uses the same design that the brand has been using for years. The Macbook Pro consists of the same design elements which include a larger trackpad, thinner hinge, touch bar, Rear Apple logo and silver and space grey colour options. When the dimensions of the device were explored it came out to be 14.09 inches long, 9.68 inches wide and 16.2 mm thick and the device weighs about 4.3 pounds. These dimensions were of the 16 inch MacBook Pro. The 13 inch variant measures in at 11.97 inches long, 8.36 inches wide and 14.9mm thick and weighs about 3 pounds. 

In our blog of What’s New In Apple MacBook Pro 2020? We tried to include every feature and explain it in detail. The launch of MacBook Pro models have always created a Buzz in the  laptop business and so is the case with the launch of Apple MacBook Pro 2020.

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