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What's the Difference Between RDA and RTA in Vaping?

Traditional cigarette alternatives are accessible in the form of vape pens. Nicotine, flavouring and other chemicals are included in the vape pens aerosol. These battery-operated devices consist of several components’ sensors, a battery, an atomizer, and tanks. 

Vape tanks are a significant part of a vape device. Moreover, the e-liquid soaks into the wick, which makes contact with the coil, when the vape tanks hold the e-liquid. This way the coil can heat up to vaporise the liquid absorbed by the wick, when the vape is in use. 

Although vape tanks are available across the globe, you could easily access cheap vape tanks in the UKAnd they come into different capacities and sizes catering to the needs of every vaper.

To understand what RDA and RTA in vaping is. It is important to first understand what RBA is. Knowledge of RBA would not suffice without knowing about atomisers. 

An atomizer converts the cannabis e-liquid into an inhalable vapor through a heating element. An atomizer consists of e-coils (heater) and wicks. Furthermore, e-liquid is heated in the coils and wicks deliver it.  

 Define RBA?

RBA stands for "Rebuildable Atomizers''. RBA holds the wick and coil into place through a deck. The word “rebuildable” means that a vapor is required to do all the work by himself, such as disposing components in their right places. To achieve the nectary resistance, which is made possible by providing different ways to customise them.

Further, RBA atomisers are categorised into RTA and RDA.

 What is RTA in Vaping?

The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank system. Tank system with a rebuildable coil is present in RTA, which could be filled-up and vaped until the liquid is finished then refilled. RTAs tend to be harder to build because they are assembled with multiple parts which is why convenience comes with a small performance sacrifice. However, those ready to invest some learning time, RTA are still popular with them, as multiple vapers could not resist its flavour production.

 What is RDA in Vaping?

The RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer). RDA has no tank, so it is a manual process to use than other atomisers. It drips directly onto the wick which allows users to switch between flavours more commonly, because RDA e-liquid is not stored anywhere. After a few puffs, e-liquid is vaporized quickly which brings a new flavour. But it is important to create one’s own coils and then go through a process of installation on deck.

 Difference Between RDA and RTA in Vaping

Both RDA and RTA are the types of RBA


  1. Driptip:

     To draw on when vaping on vape mod, the hollow mouthpiece you use is drip tip. All forms of colours and designs (diameter wide or narrow bore) come with a drip tip. 

  2. Cap

     The cap unscrews from the top section which holds the glass tube in place, as most tanks are top filled for convenience.

  3. Chimney 

    There are two parts of chimney in RTA. A part of the chimney which screws into the top chamber and the part of the tank top.

  4. Glass tube

     Glass tube kept in place by deck section and top section.

  5. Chamber

     In the chamber (juice holes) the liquid flows down (while regulated by the vacuum created in the glass tube) onto the wick.

  6. Deck:

    Posts are visible, but the juice wells are not present, instead substituted with a housing for wick much like an RDA deck. 


  1. Cap: A chuff cap which permits the top to be removed when dripping (without having to remove the whole cap) or allow the cap to be replaced with a different colour for customisation reasons, all due to some RDA comes with a cap with a removable top called chuff cap.
  2. Posts: Multiple post configurations are available in RDA.
  3. Deck: Deck of RDA resides at the base part. Deck or ‘build deck’ is an area where the posts are.
  4. Juice well: Juice well could vary in size and depth; a smaller amount of e-liquid is held in its wells.
  5. Coil: In a single, double, quadruple and octuple etc. comes the heating element.
  6. Wick: A material which draws and holds juice through convection is often fed by coil which is done by cotton wicking material. 
  7. Final Thoughts

Demand for vaping is increasing day in and day out. It seems important to understand the vaping experience, which would be impossible without comprehending the vaping device and its use. There are four significant parts of vape pen devices such as sensors, battery, tanks and atomizers. Furthermore, RBA “Rebuildable Atomizers” are of two kinds: RTA and RDA. RTA is “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer '' which consists of many striking differences with RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer).

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