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What's trending in Australian Gin - the flavours of summer

The summer season is almost upon us and with that comes a plethora of drinking occasions. From picnics in the park, to barbecues, to holidays by the pool, these moments call for the perfect beverage buddy, something light, fizzy and refreshing - hmmm, are we describing gin? I think we are!

Whether it’s mixed with flavoured tonics or your favourite juice, add in some fresh ice and a ton of fruit and voila, you’ve got your perfect sunshine tipple. From Poor Toms, Four Pillars and more, we’re lucky to have some of the best Australian Gin at our fingertips. We highlight what’s trending below!

78 Degrees Gin

Any drink that is produced in the iconic Adelaide Hills is bound to taste good, and 78 Degrees Gin is no different. We all know water boils at 100 degrees, but the sweet spot for distilling gin is 78 degrees, so the name choice for founder Sacha La Frogia’s gin was a no brainer! With his own handcrafted copper still, 78 degrees celebrates native Australian produce along with using quality international ingredients. The best things come in small packages, and that’s exactly how this complex yet clean gin is produced. Mix their Fuschia Gin with pink grapefruit and rosemary soda water, and you’ve got a delicious thirst quencher for those sunny afternoons.

Four Pillars

If ever there was a ‘ginspiring’ success story, it’s the tale of how these guys went from being an independent craft distillery to one of the country’s most famous gin makers. Not only have they garnered Australia-wide acclaim, they even bagged the accolade for World’s Leading Gin Producer in 2019. Once again, this year they’ve released their limited edition Christmas Gin. It’s aged in 100-year-old muscat barrels and made with yummy Christmas puddings! We would say it’s the perfect stocking filler, but there’s no rule saying it can’t be drunk like, right now.

Patient Wolf

There has never been a more fitting name for a gin brand, with co-founders Matt and Dave patiently striving for years to perfect their craft, while always having the hunger of a ‘wolf’ to make the best product possible. As they say themselves “good things take time” and things are certainly good when it comes to their gin. Blending old traditions with new technology, they’ve created a pure, aromatic and refined gin that has begun to dominate the cocktail culture here in Australia. The latest mix they’ve come up with is the Winemaker Sour featuring their Patient Wolf Pinot Gin - need we say more?

Archie Rose

Being Australia’s most awarded distillery and producing some of the finest whiskies, vodkas and rums, these guys can do no wrong. The same can be said for their famous gin. They pride themselves on cultivating inspiration from quality produce grown in Australia. Their latest concoction for summer? Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest 2020! This gin honours the native sunrise lime, a mixed citrus fruit that has both a zesty taste and a unique blend of yuzu and vibrant acidity, which is rarely found in citrus fruit. Our taste buds are seriously piqued.

Never Never

These guys are certainly full of ‘spirit’ and embody a fearless approach to bringing the most innovative, award-winning gin to the market. Distilled in South Australia’s renowned Mclaren Vale, but appreciated globally, the distillers’ intense focus on flavour pays off. Their Juniper gin is quite literally ‘out of this world’. Paying homage to the days when juniper dominated gin, they’ve combined three different distilling processes to uncover unique, botanical flavours. The perfect leading character in your gin and tonic or gin cocktails.

Poor Toms

As one of the first distilleries born out of Sydney, Poor Toms is known as one of the pioneers of the new wave of Australian distilling. They’ve got some delicious creations under their belt, with their signature Strawberry gin being a must-try this summer. It’s their famous Sydney Dry Gin but with the addition of fresh strawberries, young ginger, and hibiscus flowers- yum! A go-to for your next picnic hang or barbecue to really sweeten the summer festivities.

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