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When Do Babies Start Walking?

When do babies Crawl Start Walking

Babies are the sweet nectars of parents life they bring joyous moments and sleepless nights too as soon as baby begins grow it opens boxes full of surprises everyday from rolling to crawling, sitting on back, scooting and walking with help so finally you knowwhen do babies start walking.

Baby’s starts walking when they are 12 months old or well by the time 14 – 15 months old where as some children take fairly long time like 6 to 17 months to take their first steps.  During the first year babies are busy in devolving their muscles, coordination’s, strength and balancing every part of body before beginning to walk. Babies learn to roll over, sit andcrawl, then comes pulling up and standing up. Babies are soft and tender so are their bones as the time passes bones gain strength and makes babies to walk. When youmake your baby stand on a surface they try to push hard with this legs and feet almost as if they are walking. At the age of 8 months babies start pulling themselves with the support of furniture or their parents help,  by this time babies are curious they begin working on their balance and standing positions parents can help babies by showing how to bend knees to get back down on the floor this help in easing their falls.

When do babies Crawl Start Walking

At the age of 12 months babies begins to walk with confidence, parents can encourage and support by praising and throwing lots of love. Cheer your baby by sitting on floor make her feel happy and tell how great you are feeling after watching the most delightful moment.

At the age of 12 – 15 months babies try to keep more firm steps, walking and running goes hand in hand at the same time, encourage walking as much as possible you may take your baby to garden or park where he or she will definitely enjoy walking.

Babies advancing their first step is a very fascinating and joyous moment which parents cherish for their life time, all babies follows the same procedure for walking.  Slowly and gradually babies take their one foot while balancing on the other and that’s the moment when you learn when babies start walking.

Your baby is in its growing years just like every parent so you can be too curious about When Do Babies Start Walking , when do they crawl , they are teething or not but most importantly make efforts to feed your b aby at proper time.

What procedure to follow if your baby is notwalking.

Do not panic if your child is not much in walking he or she might be taking her own time to Toddle on their feet, but be aware if your child is does not make efforts to stands with support at 12 months andcan’t walk at 18 months or is not able to walk steadily at the age of 2 years then you must immediately seek doctors help. Babies have different growth times and premature babiesreaches its milestone with due date, which pediatrician refer with your babies adjusted age.

Is getting a baby walker safe for babies?

The American Academy of pediatrics (AAP) strongly discourages the concept of baby walker. According to (AAP) baby walker can prevent a baby’s upper leg muscles development incorrectly it also makes them to get around easily like unsafe stairs and  under the water taps it also becomes less safe as they can pull objects  like electric wires, glass objects hot items , medicines, etc. which is not safe for them.

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