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When is Construction Delays Considered Excusable?

Delays are going to pop up during construction projects. You could do everything in your power to prevent them, but delays are bound to happen. The rewards of making your home sustainable come with so many benefits. The concept of living in sustainable homes has become extremely popular. But when are these delays considered excusable and not cause any additional issues to the project?

Constructing a building without the assistance of highly professional and experienced contractors is nearly impossible. Renovating and constructing buildings, involves certain complex techniques, and this is why, property owners often consider seeking help from professionals rather than carrying out this task by themselves.

Ask them about their work process since it will help you understand whether you should proceed further with the hiring decision or not. Architects usually take on an extensive range of works, including, floor plans and permits, and so on. You also should not forget about the budget you have for your project. Make sure the experts match up with what you expect.


Meeting Deadlines

Of course, all parties involved in a construction project should do their best to stick to deadlines. These deadlines will be in full detail in the contract and agreed upon by all parties.


However, when things do come up and cause a disruption, this could cause a delay in the timeline and make it difficult to meet deadlines. This can often lead to contract disputes as well as penalties and additional fees.


What are Excusable Delays?

There are exceptions to every rule, and some delays are considered excusable, not penalizing anyone involved in the contract.


These delays must be considered unforeseeable and beyond the control of the contractors. The following are excusable delays:

- Public shut down (such as the pandemic)

- Severe weather

- Fires

- Other natural disasters


Are Excusable Delays Common?

Unfortunately, these delays are rather common. Especially in the last year due to the pandemic and government shutdowns. Some project contracts do their best to plan for some of these delays, especially in areas where they tend to see severe weather often.

Handling a construction project is not an easy task. There are several factors which you need to consider, from using the right paint to installing doors and windows. You will be able to carry out the construction works properly when you have the right tools. Having professional knowledge and skills are equally important.

Screws are considered one of the most important fasteners that can create the best fittings.The use of screws is pretty much common in the construction field. There is a wide range of screws, you can find, and some of them include bugle batten screws, decking screws, chipboard screws, pit screws, metal drilling screws, roofing screws and many more.


Addressing Delays in Contracts

You always want to make sure that your construction contract is complete and contains information about what to do when an excusable delay pops up. When all parties are aware of the situation and know what to do, it makes everything much easier.


If you are working on a construction project and need advice and guidance, meet with an attorney experienced in Phoenix construction law. An attorney can offer you the assistance needed to draft a construction contract, deal with disputes, and plan for delays.

Apart from the mentioned, there are several other tools you may need when you handle your home improvement project, and they include- dovetail jig, wood router, and table saw. Make sure you choose the right one as per your requirements.

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