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When is the Best Time to Visit India?

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Always have to pay attention to the time that is ideal for visiting India. As it is such a large country, we will tell you about the meteorology of the Rajasthan area and of New Delhi, which is where our 20-day free route travelled through India, and which are usually the areas that most travellers visit. when they have a few days of travel and it is their first time in this country.

Here we leave you what would become the four seasons of the year:


Goes from April to June. They are the hottest months in which the thermometers exceed 40ºC daily and where the humidity is very intense. It coincides with the low season, when prices are cheaper and there is less tourism.


The European summer is the rainy season in this area of India. The months of July to September are the months of most rain. In fact 90% of the rains occur at this time of year. The temperature drops a few degrees (average of 35ºC of day).

Post Monsoon:

This period goes from October to November. Two months in which the daytime temperature is usually between 35 and 38ºC, and at night it can drop to 18 and 20ºC. It is a time with really nice temperatures.


What we might call the cool season goes from December to March. In this season, we find temperature and pleasant temperatures during the day, but at night there are areas where it can descend to 0ºC. It is the high season of this area of India, so it is the time when prices are more expensive and there is more tourism.

If perhaps there are two periods of the year in which it is less advisable to travel to India is its full summer and its rainy season. We, for example, had no choice, and since India was going to be the last country of the great trip of our lives, we visited it in its full summer and we can assure you that it was an even harder trip because of the weather.

The temperature was more than 40ºC daily and there were really overwhelming moments, in which it was even difficult to breathe. For what we recommend, whenever you can, avoid traveling to this area of the country in the months of April, May and June. Although the good thing that had to travel at this time of year through Palace on Wheels train is that in some cities we were practically alone in Jaisalmer, for example, we were one of the few foreigners who walked through the city and the prices are more economical.

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