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When it is the Right time to Call an Emergency Plumber

Do you find water flowing continuously from the ceiling? If yes, then you need to call for an emergency plumber who has indepth knowledge to solve all your plumbing issues quickly.  Excess flow of water can cause damage to your entire house and so, you should contact emergency plumbers in London when such disaster happens. This blogpost discusses about 7 situations when you just cannot wait than calling your emergency plumber to identify water damage from an undefined source.


1. Flooding

If water is flowing with or without any immediate source, then this is certainly a plumbing emergency. Flooding might take place due to several reasons such as – clogged sink, burst pipe, toilet or similar issue. The major problem you find is the damage caused to your house at the time of flooding. Hiring a professional can solve the problem and you can avoid water damage to your property and the probability for it to flood again. If your home has been flooded, it is time to seek help of an emergency plumber who will stop the flood and see it does not occur again.


2. Leaky or burst pipes

One of the common causes for house flooding is leaky or burst pipe. Whether or not it might be the reason for flood, a burst pipe requires hiring an emergency plumber. Before calling an emergency plumber, you should turn off the water immediately through the main shut-off valve which can reduce water damage to your house. When water saturates the flooring or drywall, it may lead to irreversible damage and hence, you need to act quickly before hiring an emergency plumber. He can identify the defective pipes, repair or replace them as well as check your remaining plumbing issues or damages.


3.Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are quite common during the winters and when freezing temperatures remain below, the water inside pipes on the outside of your home freezes. When water becomes ice, the pipe might burst due to expansion. Frozen pipes can be the reason for water to stop flowing inside the house as you won’t be able to take a shower, flush the toilet or have a glass of water. If the pipes become frozen, you need to hire a good plumber and do not try to repair the pipes yourself. This might lead to further damage to your pipes and so, it is always best to call for the pros.


4. Overflow toilet

An overflowing toilet is definitely an emergency which means hiring a plumber who can help you to get out of this messy situation. The cause of overflowing toilet might be something simple or cause significant plumbing problems. While you are waiting for the plumber to reach your place, make sure you shut off water on the toilet and tell others in the house not to flush it as this will make things worse.


5. Sewage smells

If there is some foul smell in the water when turning on a faucet, then this might be a cause for your concern. Sewage smell means there is possibly wrong with the septic system, pump or other plumbing issues. If your sewer backs up, it is a matter of time before excessive water flows inside the house. When this occurs, you won’t be able to use showers, sinks or toilet till the sewer line gets fixed. Make sure you call a plumber who can handle these issues and do not fix it yourself as it can be quite risky for your health.


6. Clogged drain

Drains are used regularly and due to this reason, they often get clogged from food scraps and grease. Though a clogged drain might not be a great deal, it can become an emergency, when not addressed on time. When the drain starts draining water slowly, you need to call a plumber to deal with the situation before it might become worse. When you find the drain starts backing up and water fills the sink, you will have to get in touch with an emergency plumber who also offers different services like boiler installation in London. This might be an indication of a sewage backup or other larger plumbing problems.


7. Hot water heater problems

If you find some leakage in the hot water heater, then this might be an emergency. Firstly, you need to check drip pan to confirm if the leakage happens from your water heater. When it is empty, you need to call a plumber who will have a look at it. If you discover the leakage is coming from your unit, shut off cold water line immediately, turn off water and then the heater itself.


The major issue with a leaking heater is that there isn’t any way to store much water. You may have to face a big mess in case the leak is not addressed on time. Hence, you should call a plumber when you detect the problem. Other than a possible flood, a broken water heater means you won’t be able to enjoy cold showers and wash dishes in cold water. An emergency plumber can fix your unit quickly and get hot water flowing again.


Important steps to take when there is a plumbing emergency


Step 1: Shut off the water – The most important thing to do during a plumbing emergency is to stop the water supply. Most water valves should be turned in a clockwise direction so that you can shut them off.


Step 2: Call a professional plumber – After the water has been shut off, it is time to call the professional and inform about the emergency. He will be able to tell what you should do next including the steps needed to solve the issue before they may reach there. If the plumber tells you to leave your home due to danger, make sure you listen and wait till he asks you to return.


Step 3: Turn off water heater – This is applicable only when you have a water heater and face major emergency. Turn off water heater to avoid further damage to the unit as well as bursting and overheating. If there is a gas water heater, make sure you shut off the gas at first.


Step 4: Detect small leakages – If you can spot out small leakages that aren’t very risky, take old towels and buckets near them so that you can prevent further water damage. Make sure you take a note of the spots with leaks and inform your plumber about them when he arrives.


It is said prevention is the first step to protect your house and people staying there. After you know about different plumbing emergencies that may take place in your house, make sure you stay prepared for them. You may search online to find professionals who can help with gas boiler installation in London so that you can call them during emergencies. Hopefully, you can be prepared this way to call them in case any plumbing problems arise during the odd hours suddenly.



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