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Life Transitions: When It May Be Time To Seek Online Counseling

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It is said that change is the only constant in life, and no doubt you've experienced this throughout your own. Whether it's a birth or death in the family, a new job, big move, or the ending of a relationship, certain changes can make a deep and lasting impact, and the adjustment process is not always an easy one. If you find yourself struggling to adapt to the transitions taking place in your life, and feel that any or all of these common listed signs pertain to you, it may be time to seek the help of a professional counselor or therapist.

  1. Inability To Function On A Day-To-Day Basis

Most of us lead chaotic lives, and the juggle between work, school, and personal responsibilities is hardly a simple task. However, if you find yourself struggling to accomplish daily tasks, such as waking up on time and getting to work or appointments in a punctual manner, honoring social commitments, or keeping track of monetary obligations like rent and bills, you may be suffering from an inability to adjust to your new circumstances, and are instead evading the actions that make you a willing participant.

  1. Changes In Mood

It's natural to feel stressed, lonely, or even angry or sad during periods of upheaval or dramatic change; it takes time to recalibrate in new and often uncertain situations. However, if your moods feel like they're all over the place and you can't control or predict them, there may be a deeper issue that needs addressing. Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities and relationships is one of the bigger signs of a transitional struggle, but fatigue, irritability, and feelings of intense rage or despair may also be present.

  1. A Dramatic Loss Or Increase In Appetite

Let's face it, nerves and emotions often control one's appetite, and it's normal to experience a slight increase or decrease during periods of progression. Unpacking a new house or tending to the recent arrival of a baby can certainly alter one's meal schedule! But if you find yourself skipping more meals or, conversely, snacking more often than usual, you may need to reassess how the changes in your life are affecting your health. A balanced, nutritious diet is important for leading a healthy and happy existence, and the proper counseling can guide you back on track.

  1. Changes In Sleep Patterns

The average adult should get about 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and while this may not always be obtainable with work, school, and kid's schedules, it's vital that your mind and body get adequate rest. Lack of sleep can lead to a number of serious health issues, as well as fatal accidents (for example, falling asleep behind the wheel), while oversleeping can lead to an equal number of issues. Excessive sleep--or the lack thereof--is often the first signal that something's not right. Frequent bouts of insomnia or the constant need to lay down for a nap may be your unconscious way of handling the stress of a transitional period, but if left untreated these sleep disruptions can lead to far greater issues further down the line.

  1. Frequent Anxiety

Anxiety can get the best of anyone, and is almost a given when life throws you a curveball. Sometimes we just can't prepare for the changes that await us, and a certain degree of anxiety is to be expected. However, if your anxiety manifests itself in disrupted social patterns--fear of going out, for example--and changes to your physical health, you may need to seek help. Anxiety is a serious condition that should be treated no differently than any medical concern. A professional counselor can provide a number of options for dealing with your anxiety, as well as the underlying causes you yourself may not be aware of.


If you find yourself struggling to persevere during a transitional period in your life, know that this is absolutely ok. We're all human, and big changes, no matter how welcome, don't always mean immediate success or adaptability. Speaking with a licensed professional is a valuable form of self care, whether it's online or at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Online counseling is both convenient and affordable, especially if your schedule is still all over the place or you haven't found an on-site service to your liking. All listed counselors are fully licensed and experienced, with patient reviews you can easily access. With the proper help and support, you'll be on your feet in no time and enjoying life in all its ebbs and changes.

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