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When Must You Buy a New Scale? Ask the Weighbridge Manufacturer

When Must You Buy a New Scale? Ask the Weighbridge Manufacturer

Purchasing a high-quality weighbridge from a leading brand is always desirable, for you can then stay assured of accuracy and reliable measurements. But, natural wear & tear is something that not even first-rate items can escape. As a result, you can delay the need for scale replacement, but you cannot skip it altogether. All in all, you have to get a new scale someday or the other as and when your existing scale starts malfunctioning. However, if you are not fully alert, you can end up overlooking the signs that tell you to get a new scale and you might keep struggling with the malfunctioning one. Feeling confused? Don’t worry because we are here to guide you. As a reputable weighbridge manufacturer, we know the nitty-gritty of weighing technologies and can share tips that can be of great help to you. Want to know more? Keep reading. 


Top Signs that Tell You to Replace Your Truck Scale


Inaccurate readings – Is your scale showing inaccurate readings? Do not underestimate the problem by considering it to be a temporary glitch. One or two wrong readings can be overlooked, but if the problem keeps persisting, you should take the necessary actions. We suggest you calibrate your scale first to see whether or not the problem is of permanent & serious nature. If you see no improvement, then replacement is the only option before you. 


Steel deterioration – Are you sure that your scale is not made of inferior quality steel? If it is, then chances are high that its steel components may get eroded over time. Besides, it is needless to say that corrosion affects the durability and slowly shortens the lifespan of your scale. In such a situation, purchasing a new scale from a reputable weighbridge manufacturer becomes important. After all, you would not want to invite risks by continuing to use a scale with a degraded steel structure. Would you?


Display problems – A weighing scale with display problems will double your troubles instead of reducing them. If the readout is unclear and blurred, how will you record the measurement results? Replacing the indicator can be an apt solution provided all other components are perfectly functional. In case, you see other problems cropping up along with this one, you can simply replace the scale with a new one instead of mending them individually. 


Loosened nuts and bolts – Since weighbridges are meant to carry and weigh heavy loads, they have to endure heavy jerks and brakes quite frequently throughout the day. Although a high-quality weighbridge can endure these vibrations, its components like nuts and bolts can get loosened due to rattling. You can call the technicians to tighten them periodically, but do not hesitate to replace the scale if you think it has reached the final stage of its lifecycle. That is going to be a smart move on your part. Every machine, including weighing scales suffers from natural wear and tear. In this blog, the top weighbridge manufacturer tells when you must buy a new scale.



Conclusion – No matter how expensive your truck weighing scale is, it is going to suffer natural wear and tear eventually. That being said, we still remind you of the importance of buying branded scales from a leading weighbridge manufacturer. Branded scales, after all, are more durable, have better features, and offer greater functionalities when compared to substandard weighing machines. So, contact the team at HiWEIGH to buy a new truck scale for your warehouse.