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When Should You Consider Talking to a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Financial Stress and Worries that Never Go Away!

It may be time for you to consider talking with a bankruptcy attorney if,

  • You find yourself working tirelessly to pay off your debt and find that you are not making any progress.
  • All you can afford to pay your creditors is the interest on your debts. 
  • You can only make ends meet if you consistently use your charge cards to buy the essentials like food.
  • You have maxed out all of your credit cards to live week by week. 
  • You have lost all hope of ever paying off your debts.
  • You feel under tremendous financial stress every week and feel that your hard work will never pay off and give you any financial relief. 
  • You receive increasing and harassing debt collection calls and threats about garnishment of wages.
  • Are you digging a consistently deeper financial debt hole?
  • Are you borrowing money from one credit card to pay for another?
  • Do you find that your late fees, checking account overdraft fees, and interest fees keep piling up faster than you can pay for them?
  • Do you find that you are working more but have less money to pay all of your monthly bills?
  • Do you feel as though you have nowhere to turn and no help in sight?

Those in heavy debt who cannot make ends meet week after week may consider it time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. Many Americans possibly found themselves head over heels in debt before COVID hit the world, and this pandemic certainly did not help individual debt circumstances. 

Please know that the COVID pandemic has not helped the American and global economy and has only added to the debt headache for millions of people. Are you feeling the implications and complications of the COVID pandemic? Understandably, your financial stress brings you little comfort to know that millions of people are in the same position as you find yourself. 

The government has helped somewhat with stimulus checks and child credits; however, this help seems only immediate and temporary. This government help is short-lived and causes you to struggle longer, while debts keep piling up and worsening every month. You keep on keeping on because you do not feel that you are a candidate for bankruptcy and are not entirely ready to take this last financial resort. 

Reasons Why You Need to Consider Bankruptcy

Are most of your bills at least 90 past due, including your mortgage and car? How long have you endured this financial stress; one, two, three years? You do not have to wait until there is absolutely no hope for the future and your mounting debt. You do not have to wait to seek legal help until the stress takes a toll on your health and family relationships.

Those receiving Social Security are not immune from the same indebtedness as those who are not ready to retire. Please know that no creditor can touch your Social Security to pay for past debts. However, this does not stop any creditor from suing you to pay what you owe through a court order. 

It Never Hurts to Speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney

It is always wise to get some professional financial information about your mounting debt. An excellent source of this information is through a bankruptcy attorney. Your first call is a free, no-obligation call for a consultation. This first call will not do you any harm. 

There are two types of bankruptcy, and your attorney can explain the differences in whole when you make your first free, no-obligation call for a consultation about possibly filing for bankruptcy.

Filing Chapter 7

Your attorney liquidates all of your assets to pay off your creditors.

Filing Chapter 11

Filing Chapter 11 is for businesses that need to reorganize the liquidation of company assets.

Filing Chapter 12

Chapter 12 is a plan to help ranchers and farmers out of indebtedness. 

Filing Chapter 13

Your attorney helps you restructure your debts legally and works with your creditors to pay off your debts. 

Filing either Chapter 7 or 13 gives you much more room to breathe, helps to eliminate financial stress, provides you with some financial relief, and gives you a fresh start in life. After looking at your financial situation, we can better tell you which to file, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Once you file for bankruptcy and your creditors receive word from your attorney, all the harassing credit collection calls should stop. Because you retain a bankruptcy attorney, this removes much of your stress. Your attorney is the professional who communicates with your creditors, so you do not have to do this. Creditors cannot make any more harassing calls to your home or workplace. 

Call Us Today for Financial Help Out of Indebtedness

If you are a resident of Cape Girardeau, MO, or surrounding areas and find yourself struggling to pay off debt every week and are gaining no ground, it is time to seek legal counsel from a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy attorney Kelvin Birk can assesses your finances and tells you if the path of bankruptcy is the right path for you to take. If this is not a good plan for your situation, we will advise you and make some sound recommendations to help you improve your financial situation. 

We desire to see you live debt-free because you have suffered long enough. Our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys have helped hundreds of clients turn their finances around and get on firm financial ground. We cannot help you until you give us a call today. 

Do not wait one more day working and worrying about your money problems. Call us today so we can hear your story and get to work for you. You will be glad that you decided to give us a call for help. Never worry about how you will pay the attorney's fees because we will work with you in many different ways. 

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