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When Should You Replace Appliances? 5 Things To Know

Whether to repair or replace an appliance is a common dilemma for many homeowners. But when is it advisable to invest in a new unit?

Basically, there are four things to consider when deciding to repair or replace a machine: age of the unit, cost of buying and installing a new one, repair cost, and appliance’s energy efficiency. If an appliance is old, relatively cheap, and less energy efficient, replacing it is obviously recommended.

However, if an appliance breaks down before its time, replacing or fixing it can be a tough decision, especially if a new machine costs a fortune.

If you’re tight on budget, DIY repair or a quick trip to the appliance repair center – with the hope that the unit works – is perhaps your first option. But if you have extra cash, then buying a newer, more energy-efficient model seems the easiest way to go.

Either way, there are a lot of ifs and buts which makes this dilemma difficult to resolve. Here are five things to know when to replace broken appliances.

Unit damage

Many homeowners easily get so rattled once an appliance stops working. In some cases, the unit is not really broken. Before you panic and head out to the store, make sure everything in the machine is okay.

First, check if it is properly plugged in. Next, check if the plug is working or the circuit breakers haven’t tripped. Perhaps, the machine requires the door completely shut or the flooring is even for it to run. If it has filters or vents, make sure they are clear from dust, debris, and lint. Read the owner’s manual to find out quick hacks. For example, you can easily replace a busted fuse.

If everything seems in order but the unit won’t run, then you should consider asking the help of a qualified technician. A reliable appliance repair contractor can tell you exactly the error. If the appliance has multiple faulty parts and complex issues, it’s time to replace it. In such a case, a reputable contractor will recommend buying a new one.

Remaining useful life

Every appliance has an average lifespan. For example, the average useful life of a gas range is around 18 years while microwave ovens are 10 years. Here is a quick guide into the average life expectancy of major household appliances.

Once an appliance breaches its typical lifespan, you have fully maximized your investment in it. And if ever it conks out, it would be wise to purchase a new one. After all, there are better, newer models that are more efficient and can guarantees savings over the long term.

However, if a machine hasn’t breached half of its hypothetical due date, repair might be the better option. Of course, you still have to consider the repair costs.

Energy efficiency

Green technology is an emerging trend in the electronics industry. Modern home appliances are many times more energy-efficient than machines manufactured 10 or 15 years ago. These appliances have much lower operating costs. Hence, if your appliance is older than 10 years got broken, you ought to replace it with a newer model. In some cases, more vintage appliances are harder and costlier to fix due to the lack of spare parts.

Replacing your old appliances with an Energy Star rated machine will cut on electricity and utility usage. In the long term, you will save more as compared to fixing it.

Cost of the new appliance

If the cost to repair a home appliance is more than half of buying a new unit, the latter option is recommended.

Experienced technicians at Tampa appliance repair, Hartman remind homeowners that the true cost of replacing the appliance is not just the price of the machine. Removal, delivery, installation, and possible renovation entail costs and can add up to your expenses. So, when considering a new appliance, make sure to keep these fees in mind. Likewise, when looking for an appliance retailer, look for appliance retailers that offer these extra services for free.

Warranty period

Once a unit is not anymore covered by the warranty period, you can consider replacing it. You can save a huge amount from product warranty, usually on parts (and in some cases labor costs). If the warranty is limited and would not cover a substantial amount, you should consider a replacement.

Every year, new models and brands are released in the market, which makes prices very competitive. You can find new models with better rates than having them fixed without warranty coverage.


These are five essential things to know when planning to replace or repair your appliance. Make sure these aspects are all considered before you head out to an appliance retailer.

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