When Should You Worry About Breast Lump?



Thankfully, in the recent past, a lot of awareness has been created about breast cancer. It is no longer a taboo topic to talk about the cancer of the breast. Furthermore, people are engaging in open discussions about breast cancer and its stigmas. Nonetheless, there is one out-of-the-order direction this discourse has taken. And that is - all breast-related conditions are associated with an unwarranted worry of cancer. 

Breast health goes beyond preventing and caring for cancer. There are numerous other ailments of the breasts that are non-cancerous.  

This misinterpretation originates from one common symptom that overlaps between breast cancer and non-cancer conditions. Both these conditions lead to the development of a lump.  

So what is a breast lump? When is a breast lump associated with cancer? When is a lump associated with benign conditions? When should you worry about a breast lump?  

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In this article, with insights from Dr Rohan Khandelwal, a leading breast specialist at the CK Birla Hospital, the best hospital for breast cancer treatment in Gurgaon, we will find out the answers to the above-given questions.  

What is a breast lump?

A breast lump, as the name suggests, is a lump or thickening inside the breast. A breast lump is among the most common changes that a person sees in their breast.  

A breast tissue, itself feels lumpy in its nature. Due to this commonness, it can be difficult to identify if the change you see in your breast is a lump. It can be furthermore confusing to find out if the breast lump is a result of cancer or not.  

A breast lump is like a hard and thickened collection of mass. Breast lumps are usually painless and vary in size and shape and the site at which they appear. However, breast lumps or any other change in your breast can be easily noticed if you examine yourself routinely.  

When should you worried about breast lumps?

Needless to say, a breast lump or any other unusual abrupt change in your breast would be a reason for worry. However, your worry or anxiety about contemplating if you have breast cancer would be much bigger in intensity as compared to your worry of breast lump due to non-cancerous reasons. Either way, you can receive breast cancer treatment in Gurgaon at the CK Birla Hospital, a leading breast health centre.

So in order to relax, you should find out if the breast lump is due to cancer or not. Only a verified breast health specialist can diagnose you correctly and find out the cause of your lump.  

You should consult a breast health specialist if:

     You experience a change in the shape and size of your breast

     There are skin changes over the lump

     You see abnormal nipple discharge

     Yout notice skin dryness, itchiness, puckering, redness, scalping and more

     You feel pain in your breast which does not subside after the menstrual cycle

     You experience changes in your nipple


How will your breast health specialist identify the cause of your lump?

There is a wide variety of tests and screenings done to figure out the reason behind a breast lump. Here are some common imaging tests:  

Mammogram - A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast that helps your doctor visualise changes in your breast.  

Breast ultrasound - A breast ultrasound helps your doctor to visualise the breast lumps on a real-time basis.  

Breast MRI - At times when the lump is not visible in a mammogram or ultrasound, breast MRI can be used to identify the breast lumps and related changes.  

Breast biopsy - Your doctor may also suggest a breast biopsy in which some of your breast tissues will be extracted and examined using a thin needle to figure out the cause of the lump.  For more information or breast cancer treatment in Gurgaon, book an appointment with Dr Rohan Khandelwal at the CK Birla Hospital.