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Where to find chilling stories Idea like horror- Get in Touch With Your Fears

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Your best horror story is breathing down your neck. Scary stories are scary because they trigger something familiar-something close to home-something as close as your fears.

First of all, you have to wade through the swamp of worn-out ideas that pour from our screens and book stores. Most writers will simply tap into the latest creepy trend and try to drain out just a little bit more. If you want to get a good chilling stories idea like horror, it will require you to ignore the first idea that pops into your head. The surface of your mind is covered with standard-issue ideas. This is where the clichés live. There is no innovation here-just reanimated corpses of old concepts.

This does not mean you scrap everything. You need to know what is out there. You need to know what has been done so you can find what has not been done. Ponder that shambling, obsolete stereotype and file it away as a building block.

You might bring life to the current vampire fad (so to speak) by studying whatever facet of the living dead that personally intrigues you. Is it the teeth? Is it the hypnotic eyes? Is it the corrupted immortality? Focus on one key element and interrogate yourself as to why it captures your interest and why it frightens you.

The best source of a good horror story idea is currently haunting your head. Make a list of your phobias. Then elaborate on paper why these things frighten you. They are often linked to specific memories. Spend time trying to recall what happened and even better-what could have happened. Images and situations can grow your phobias into a good story.

After you have developed your list of fears, fuse two or three together. Combine them for fun and see what surfaces. If you are afraid of spiders and tornadoes, then combine them into a story about someone who is forced to go down into a storm shelter full of spiders.

A good horror story comes from the personal fears of the writer. This means you will have to put yourself on the couch and do a little psycho-analyzing. But the story you have buried in your mind is eager to claw its way into the light. It will be well worth the dig.

Real Horror Stories Web Hosts Don't Want You to Know

Go to any web site hosting provider's home page and all you'll see are claims about how wonderful they are. There will plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers raving about the low prices and outstanding service. But before you sign on the dotted line, remember that the purpose of that page is to convince you to sign up with them. You've got to take their claims with a grain of salt because it’s in their best interest to show you nothing but positive customer feedback.

What you have to keep in mind is that almost all web hosts have customers who could tell real horror stories about poor service, shoddy treatment, over-billing, and major web site downtime. You won't find these complaints anywhere on the web hosting service's web sites, but you must seek them out.

If a web host has a bad reputation and an army of angry and unsatisfied customers with gripes, wouldn't you want to hear what they have to say before you handed over any of your hard-earned cash?

All web hosts and all businesses for that matter are bound to have a handful of unhappy customers. After all, you can't make everyone happy all of the time. One or two complaints are understandable. But if there's a clear pattern of customer dissatisfaction you should be very suspicious of them.

Take a little time to do some research before choosing a web host. Use Google to search for complaints and negative reviews. You'll often find unhappy customers complaining about blogs or forums.

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