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Where to Find Video Game-Themed Hotels?

Video game-themed hotels are a new trend that attracts many tourists with their luxurious rooms, services, and gaming setups. Anyone can have a visit for a certain prize to enjoy their vast collection of gaming consoles and video games. When you hear the term video game-themed hotel, you might think that it is just a place where people come to play, but that is not the whole truth. Besides gaming entertainment, you have access to the same services offered in regular hotels. However, each detail in gaming-hotels is synced with the video-reality to boost the player’s overall gaming experience. This is accomplished with the unique interior design that offers comfort and advanced gaming features.

Since there is a variety of hotel designs and gaming setups, it can be difficult to choose the right hotel to stay in. In this article, some of the best video game-themed hotels to visit are highlighted. We also give you a couple of advice on how to choose the right hotel for you. If you don’t know which hotel to pick and happen to like video games, the video game-themed hotel might suit you perfectly.

How to Choose the Right Video Game-Themed Hotel?

To book the right hotel, it is important to see what the place has to offer and know in advance what you are looking for. There are three factors to take into consideration when choosing:

  • Hotel location
  • Hotel services
  • Hotel gaming setup

Most of the video game-themed hotels are situated in places where they can be easily noticed and accessed by the people. Nevertheless, if you are a tourist, you want to be connected with the city, and that is why the hotel’s location is so important when choosing. The unfitting hotel’s location might ruin your tourist plans, and you sure want to avoid that. Plan your trip first, and then see which hotel suits you.

Video game-themed hotels can offer numerous services besides gaming rooms. Based on how much money you want to spend, you can even book the ones that feature pools, 24/7 room services, gyms, and other things.

The most specific thing about these hotels is the gaming setup. This setup includes the interior room design, gaming features, and gaming systems. Each hotel has a different setup, but the sure thing is that the right one for you is out there. You might want to have sleeping and gaming rooms separated, you might want to enjoy certain consoles, and you might want to spend your time playing certain game genres. Let’s say that you are searching for a hotel where you can enjoy casino games? In that case, the Caesars Palace might be the right place for you as it combines luxury with a broad spectrum of casino games like slots, free online slots, pokers, and roulettes. Just put all your wishes on the list and compare it to what the hotel offers.

Why Are Video Game-Themed Hotels Becoming More Popular?

The video game business expands fast in today’s world. More and more people are becoming fascinated with gaming, so many see video game hotels as a perfect chance to travel while taking no breaks from their passion. Even the people who are not mad about gaming find it appealing to book a room with a gaming setup. Who wouldn’t want to have access to various gaming consoles, PCs, and fast internet connection while travelling? Not only do tourists visit these hotels, but locals also come to play games too! Those are the main reasons why this trend is becoming more popular. It is just a great idea!

Top Video Game-Themed Hotels

If you were looking for a luxurious hotel that provides gaming entertainment, here are some of the best choices to pick from.

Arcade Hotel

This is the first-ever video game-themed hotel founded in 2014. It all started with the idea of combining the usual hotel business with the gaming world. We all know that we can get pretty nostalgic sometimes, and the Arcade Hotel features numerous retro consoles that bring good old memories back. Nevertheless, people can check and play on modern gaming systems when visiting the Arcade Hotel, as every room includes a modern console as well. Besides, everyone gets the headset, so the neighbours don’t get annoyed by noise.

The hotel is located in Amsterdam, and it offers tours guided by the locals that can show you hidden gems of this city and tell you a lot about its history.

Going outside? A fleet of bikes will wait for you just outside the hotel. Just hop on one and start riding! For additional wishes, just contact the Arcade Hotel, and they will try their best to fulfill all of them.

I Hotel

It is located in the Taoyuan district of Taiwan. With just 2 minutes of walking, one can get to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Tonlin stores, while a 20 minutes-drive is all it takes to arrive at the airport and railway stations. Every room features two modern consoles and two high-tech PC machines along with huge TV screens. Visitors have access to the most recent gaming equipment, high-end gaming chairs, and numerous other gaming features. After gaming time, you can relax on comfortable beds and numerous other in-hotel services.

The hotel restaurant serves breakfast, but as an alternative, you have numerous restaurants nearby where you can have a taste of local foods. The I Hotel offers hourly-booking as well, which means that anyone can enjoy its gaming luxury for a couple of hours. All this has put the I Hotel on top of the E-sports hotel ranking list.

GamePad Hotel Suite

This Hotel is located in London, and if you want to book a room, you should visit the official Staybridge Suites website. The GamePad hotel is like a paradise for people that want to enjoy quality gaming time without anyone interrupting. Every room includes all the gaming essentials. There are three different areas where each contains PS4, Xbox, or Wii console, along with high-end gaming features. This way, you can catch-up with the latest games, consoles, and gaming gear right away! You also won’t need to leave the play-station as the rooms are stocked with drinks, foods, and snacks.

After a gaming session, feel free to relax on a cozy king-sized bed. A stable and fast internet connection will meet your surfing expectations for sure, and playing games online like Giza Infinity Reels slot won’t present a problem at all!

Penta Hotels

The Penta trademark represents the new generation of hotels that offer customers more than just a place to stay at for a couple of days. Instead, these hotels include specific interior designs and brands that will suit your lifestyle. Penta Hotels are located across Europe and Asia. For those that want to enjoy their stay while gaming, Playerpad rooms at Penta Hotels are open for booking!

They come with large comfortable beds, free wireless connection, TV, PS4 console, and retro video games like Pac Man and Space Invaders. One can book the Penta Playerpad suite as well and enjoy its wide space and gaming setups that also include mega-screen TVs, Pinball, a retro game machine and a PS4.

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