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Where to get fresh water in Hawaii?


Water is a renewable resource. It is one of the most critical resources we all need daily. However, due to the increased population and phenomena like global warming, many places worldwide fall short of this vital resource. 

There are made several attempts to make water purer and recycle used water. They have contributed to beneficial consequences like getting water for hygiene use, like toilets, bathing, and other sanitation work. However, purifying water to the level of making it potable is just not easy.

Hawaii is one of the places where there is a constant water shortage due to the climatic condition and geographical location. The water crises have led to implementing other useful measures of conserving and effective use of water. 

Rainwater harvesting is a common practice amongst individuals; however, it has its limitations. The measure is not sufficient for a family to meet its water needs for the entire year. Thus, alternative methods of getting freshwater have been introduced to meet the citizens of Hawaii’s requirements. 

Several companies are packaging and selling water in the state. They offer the alternative measure of meeting water needs when the natural and individual efforts fail. 

How do these companies get water in Hawaii?

Several sources help the Hawaiians in meeting their needs of water for daily use. Many companies use one or more of these measures to ensure the continual supply of water. 

The sources of water for water-packaging companies are as follows.

1- Atmosphere as a source

One of the most significant sources of water is the atmosphere itself. When water from large water bodies gets evaporated in the air, the air becomes moist. The moisture can be condensed to fetch water droplets from it. 

This phenomenon occurs naturally during the rainy season. The water-packing companies use it artificially to get water for commercial purposes. These companies use big condensers that cool the moistness from the air, generating water. 

Hawaii Water, through the medium of air, is majorly derived from Northeast trade winds; they carry loads of water-concentrated air from the nearby oceans. The wind currents move north-eastward, and on their way, through Hawaii, they prove useful in the condensation process. 

2- Orographic rainfall

This, too, is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It needs no active human intervention; however, it can be used by the water packing companies to great advantage. 

In this type of rainfall, the water-concentrated air particles move along with the wind. They are typically the northeast trade winds. They move near a hilly region, mostly the Ko’olau mountain range; the air moves upward. This process helps in rainfall as the air reaches a height that the water vapors get condensed due to the extremely low temperatures, causing rain. 

The water-packing and selling companies use the freshwater for selling them to their customers. This way, the customers get fresh water without any human intervention or synthesis. 

3- Precipitation

One of the most natural ways we get water is by the regular rainfall—precipitation. This phenomenon is the most abundant, causing rain. As the water molecule-loaded winds move away from the sea and toward inland, the condensation of the wind causes rainfall by way of precipitation. 

As pointed above, many individual families capitalize on this method of harvesting rainwater. However, the water-bottling companies have better means and measures to make it available on a much larger scale.

4- Ground and underground water

Water found in water bodies like ponds, rivers, and rills and found underground is the most significant water source for everyone. They are usually the first means of fulfilling everyone’s need for water. 

However, desolate areas do not prove helpful for most people. Some water-bottling and packing companies use this means for their Hawaii Water source.


These are some sources of Hawaii Water most water-packaging companies use to make it available for their customers.




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