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Where to get the best child custody attorney in Honolulu?

The legal field has its intricacies. Things may look simple, but they are not. You realize the importance of having a smart Child Custody Attorney Honolulu by your side when you face complications. First of all, you are swimming in troubled waters. You find it hard to gather your wits. And when it comes to fighting for your child, you want to leave no stone unturned. 

Some folks may think that why hire an attorney? But you don't know when the tide may turn against you. A small error or oversight on your part can leave you in the eye of a storm. So, it wise to have a legal expert to guide you. 

Reasons for hiring an attorney 

Evaluate your situation. Think about all the factors that go in favor and those that go against you. Here are some checks that you may need to find if unsure about hiring an attorney 

1 – Your case has become complicated if your partner thinks you are an unfit parent or has a second thought about joint custody. 

2 – It becomes a matter of jurisdiction if you live in another state and your partner resides in another; hiring an attorney helps cover differing laws. 

3 – Your ex-partner has hired an expert, so it is time you also think of hiring a child custody attorneys to help you and have no regrets later. 

4 - Fear of any dangers 

If you think your child may face any dangers or risks, then it is time to consult an experienced advocate to represent you in a better way. 

5 – If you face any disadvantage, like anger management or drug treatment orders from the Court, then you have to have a skilled lawyer fight it out for you. 

6 – Changed circumstances, like your ex getting in a new partner or relocating to a new place or you doing the same, means you need legal help. 

Tips for hiring the best child custody attorney 

Before you hire an attorney for your child's custody, it is wise to consider some factors for selection. Having the right information will let you engage with the best legal help. Follow some tips like 

1 – Ask questions 

You don't rush to a firm, like going on a blind trial. You have to note down some important questions that should get you the right answers. Make a list of questions like, 

1 – What are the hourly fees? 

2 -What will be the other costs? 

3 – Handling of similar cases 

4 – Advice in a particular situation 

5 – Any preparations, in particular 

Get honest answers, and move ahead. 

2 – Ask a local group 

Make it a point to ask local groups who have helped through the process. You can even consult organizations that help single moms or dads who have been through the process and seek recommendations. 

3 - Read online reviews 

You have shortlisted some lawyers. Now visit their websites. Go through the pages. Essentially, go to the reviews or comments section. Read about the reviews that are posted by previous and current clients. Reviews are honest opinions that can lead to an able attorney. 

4 – Watch an attorney in the Court 

It is one of the best ways to estimate the skills and caliber of an attorney. Sit and watch live proceedings in a Family Court. If you take out the time to watch an advocate in action, you get a good idea of their oratory skills and way of arguments. 

5 – Meet and compare 

You have finally made a list of some 5 to 10 attorneys. It is time to call them and speak to them. If you find them easy to communicate with and can represent you well, ask for some previous clients' references. A good lawyer will never hesitate to provide referrals. 


For the final word 

Handling your child custody case can be a smooth experience if you join hands with the experts at Farrell & Perrault.

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