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Where to hire a domestic skip

Looking for a domestic skip hire service in your local area? It’s easier than you might think to find a reputable skip hire company that delivers throughout your region. 

You could start with an online search for skip hire in your town, or look for the nearest large town that’s more likely to have a well-established skip company. 

For example, if you need to skip hire in Chorley, searching for skip hire in Bolton should reveal a company based in the area that can deliver to multiple nearby towns.

Then, you can check out the websites for local and regional skip hire companies to find the provider that looks the most promising. There’ll be options on the website to allow you to book a skip online or call the company to arrange to skip hire over the phone.

That said, there are some things you need to pay attention to before you can choose the best skip hire company for you. Here are four factors to look out for when finding the best place to hire a skip.

1) Which domestic skip sizes do they offer?

There are many different sizes of skip containers out there to choose from. Before you commit to a skip company, you need to consider which skip size you need and check whether they have it.

Whether you’re searching for skip hire in Horwich or anywhere else in the country, there are several standard skip sizes that you can expect a skip hire company to offer.

These are the most common domestic skip sizes found across the UK, measured in cubic yards, and how much waste they can hold on average:

  • 2 yard mini skip – can hold 20-30 bags or 4 wheelie bins of rubbish
  • 4 yard midi skip – can fit 40 bags or 8 wheelie bins of waste
  • 8 yard maxi skip – can contain 80 bags or 16 wheelie bins of junk

The larger your project is, and the more waste it’s likely to produce, the larger the skip you should hire. If you aren’t sure which size you need, contact your prospective skip hire company for advice.

If they’re able to provide expert guidance on their skips, you’ll know that you can trust them to offer an excellent skip hire service when you’re ready to make a booking.

2) Will they arrange a skip hire permit for you?

Unless you have a private driveway or open front yard, most people don’t have the space on their own property to house a skip for a week or two. In these cases, the skip has to go on the public road outside your house or building, which is council-owned property.

Before you can place a skip there, you’ll need permission from the local council. Any skip hire company worth their salt will be happy to sort this out for you. All you have to do is explain that you’ll need a permit for the duration of hire at the time of booking.

For example, with skip hire in Wigan, the skip company will apply to Wigan Council for a skip hire permit on your behalf. The price of a skip permit varies according to the local authority – in Wigan, the skip licence fee is £37, or £52 for placing a skip in the town centre.

Bear in mind that even the best of skip hire companies will need advance notice to arrange a skip permit. Councils can take a few days to process applications, so it’s best to search for a skip provider and place your booking several days before you need the skip to arrive.

3) Do they offer fast skip delivery and collection?

Another concern is their average delivery times. Does the skip company offer next day delivery if you need the skip in a hurry? Most leading skip providers will deliver a skip within 1-2 days of booking – unless you book a few weeks in advance, in which case, they’ll deliver on your specified date.

The same applies to their collection times. Nobody wants to have a full skip hanging around for longer than necessary. If you’ve called to confirm that a skip is ready for collection, the company should always aim to collect a skip within 24-48 hours.

Of course, delivery times will be affected if you require a skip permit, so you should allow an extra day or two for a permit application if you need one. The skip company should advise you how long their delivery and collection times are when you contact them.

4) Will they dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way?

Presumably, you’re interested in hiring a domestic skip because you need to get rid of a larger volume of waste than usual in an efficient way. After all, skips can hold much more than your council bins, and you won’t need to make multiple trips to a local recycling centre.

However, it’s important to check a skip provider’s approach to sustainability before engaging their services. If you book skip hire in Leyland, will they take the contents of your skip to a waste sorting centre in Leyland and dispose of everything responsibly?

Always check their website for their commitment to environmentally friendly waste disposal before you trust a skip hire company with your waste. Look for a provider that promises to recycle at least 90% of the waste from every skip they collect.

Ready to hire a domestic skip?

Now you know what to look for and how to find the best place to hire a domestic skip, you can put your new knowledge to the test. If a skip hire company ticks all the boxes, then go ahead and book your skip delivery as soon as possible.From skip hire in Bolton to skip hire in Chorley and beyond, the same rules apply for skip providers all over. Don’t take any chances with cowboy skip companies – follow this guide and you’re sure to find a reliable skip hire company in your area.

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